List of the Best Restaurants to Order Food at Home in Tenerife

Being the largest of the Canary Islands, it is an aphrodisiac paradise with some of the best restaurants to order food at home in Tenerife. The culinary exoticism of this island in the Atlantic Ocean, make it, together with its famous beaches and tourist destinations, into one of the most emblematic, mystical and striking places in Spain as such.

The wrinkled potatoes, the gofio, mojo picón, the frangollo or the banana from the Canary Islands, It is only the tip of the iceberg of a wide gastronomy. During the famous carnivals that make life on the island, it is very common to taste these and other delicacies from the cuisine of the city, captivating both locals and strangers at the first bite.

Best places to order food at home in Tenerife

Being practically surrounded by ocean, it is normal that its main dishes are based on fish or shellfish for their preparations. In addition to this and in addition to the typical dishes mentioned above, the food places on the island play a lot with the options they have, creating extraordinary products. Next, you will see a small list of the best restaurants to order food at home in Tenerife, with the best delivery services in the city.

Food delivery offers in Tenerife with Telepizza

The Telepizza branch on Av. Islas Canarias de Tenerife, is the first on the list mainly because of its great offers. They have a 2×1 promotion on medium pizzas And every Tuesday of each week, they are called “Crazy Tuesday” due to their discounts on various types of family pizza.

local telepizza

They are a restaurant that is closely linked to their own way of working, using a classic and simplistic recipe for their pizzas. Nonetheless, they are still a culinary treasure for many and they even have the possibility of preparing one of them to the client’s taste, offering the best condiments and typical options of the island.

Asian food delivery places in Tenerife

If it is about ordering Japanese food at home within the island, the Fujiyama restaurant is your first option. Chicken, sushi, fish or soups, are part of a menu with more than adjusted and accessible prices. It is located on José Murphy Street and its telephone number is +34 922 28 77 55.

On the other hand, if in reality the taste goes more towards the path of the chinese food delivery, China Express is the right restaurant. It is located on Av. La Salle, with the telephone number +34 922 20 56 78 waiting with its splendid fried rice, salads and more.

El Chapulín: Mexican food delivery restaurant in Tenerife

When it comes to ordering food at home in Tenerife of this particular kind, having El Chapulín is a blessing. Lovers of Mexican cuisine and regular customers of a good delivery service appreciate its existence. Tapas and portions, house nachos, quesadillas and a good margarita, they leave the name of this restaurant high in the Callejón del Combate.

Mexican tacos

Their contact number is +34 822 04 21 66 for correct attention and order taking, as well as consultation of menu availability or specific products.

The best healthy food restaurants at home in Tenerife

In Jesús Nazareno street and with the telephone number +34 628 22 15 99, La Semilla is a main option for this area. Its motto “real healthy food” is excellently supported with a menu appreciated by lovers of a healthy life. They specialize in simple vegan dishes such as soy-stuffed zucchini, as well as nutritious and captivating salads.

Similarly, Sana Healthy Food is a good option, not only for its healthy products, but for its homemade preparations. It is located on Calle Méndez Núñez and its telephone number is +34 922 09 46 26 to order food at home in Tenerife.

Its famous natural juices in good quantity, nutritious smoothies, salads or fruit desserts made with the touch of home, also make it a good alternative when you want to order healthy food at home in Tenerife. Don’t forget that ordering food at home is easy and you can order whatever you want.

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