Listen to Spanish radio stations online

Whenever we are doing something that does not require too much concentration on the PC, many of us need something else, some background noise that makes us feel good and at ease. In most cases the music is the best option and we have two ways to do it:

For this last option I have the perfect solution. In you will find all the radios from Spain and you will only have to click on the one you like the most and listen to it directly.

Spanish radios live

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Depending on the browser you use, it could happen that you need the Windows Media Player plugin to be able to reproduce them. The program will ask you for it automatically but if not, you can find it here for Firefox and Chrome (currently this is no longer necessary).


The best thing about this web app is that it not only allows you to listen to radio stations in Spain but also also from many other countries. It is a great app that has evolved over the years and in the 21st century it works perfectly on any PC.


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