Lovoo: one of the best apps to meet people and find a partner or friends

Meeting people is a sometimes difficult dynamic. It depends on many factors and the interests of each person: there are people who just want to find friends, others who «let’s see what happens», there are those who want a one-night stand, other stable couples … Whatever you are looking for , Lovoo can help you find people for a relationship or friendship.

Lovoo is a website to meet people like you and that will allow you to get an appointment. They are based on selection criteria such as age, sex, place of residence, tastes, height, etc. It was created in Germany and has a huge following. If you want to know how to register in Lovoo and how to configure Lovoo here we will tell you.

Lovoo people meeting app

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How to sign up for Lovoo

It is as simple as entering https://www.lovoo.com. Can register with your Facebook account or with your email; There you are asked for information such as name, city where you live, date of birth and sex. After filling in this information, they will ask you for more specific information (complete the profile, user validation through a photo, etc.) that will help you in the search for that person of your interest.

You can also download the application through your mobile and the registration steps are similar.

Download the Lovo app on your mobile

It is important to note that Lovoo will work better as you complete your profile and other details that will be requested, since this way the search will become more specific to your tastes and particularities, guaranteeing you a better result from people who agree with you.

lovoo record

I already signed up for Lovoo, now what do I do?

Lovoo is made up of several sections and has very good opinions:

  • Environment: it offers you the photo and data of the people closest to where you live.
  • Live: where you can communicate instantly with other people.
  • Match: in English «match» means match; are those people that the app suggests as the best match for you and who copies the function of Tinder.
  • Chats – This is the inbox once you contact someone and they start texting you.
  • News: site where you are notified of people who are interested in you.

Ready, you already have a place to meet people. Luck, of course, will be important here, in addition to your abilities to choose, know how to enter and speak for the first time to that special person in your life. We wish you the best of success. But if you are looking for something less demanding to find friends, try an online chat.


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