Macrocomputer: What is it for and what is it for- Definitive Guide

At some point in our lives we have all been in front of a computer, whether in our homes, schools or workplaces, and it is even possible to find them in a place intended for its use. From them, we can do infinite tasks and it is a myriad of useful tools.

Some of us barely know how to use them, while others have been experts in the area for some time, but the truth is that the options you have when sitting in front of your computer all your life and more with an internet connection are endless. but are there other types of computers? Until now you know about desktop computers or computers, laptops, notebooks or mini laptops.

Would you believe us if we told you that there is a bigger computer? Yes, that’s right, today we will feature calls, macrocomputers and here we will teach you everything about them, from their features up to what are its functions.

  macrocomputers what is it for

What is a Macrocomputer

These computers are known for the large general size that they can have, which by the way could be meters, they also had a good Storage capacity and some large processors, I say all this in step, because nowadays it is not very common to find one of them because they were popular about half a century ago. Modern PCs have the ability to increase RAM.

In addition, these macrocomputers have large processors and are ideal for carrying out tasks of large magnitude, it is usually very common to run into them in large scientific companies They are ideal in this workplace.

It should be noted that macrocomputers generally are designed for a specific task, are commonly used mostly for scientific studies. And it is that in recent years this device has become very popular in the market due to its great technological system, specialized in handling huge databases. These devices are preferred in large corporate companies. A very important detail is that its price in the market is around $ 120,000, positioning it as one of the most expensive in the industry.

What is a Macrocomputer called?

Generally this device it is known as Mainframe, this thanks to the fact that it can connect with several terminals simultaneously. Its appearance is quite remote, just in 1940. However, there are those who consider this device as obsolete today. But, these are the computers that today dominate the technological system of large companies such as banks and powerful commercial entities. This, despite criticism, is positioned as one of the fundamental devices in the daily operations of 1000 Fortune.

A point in favor of this device is that due to its quality in the design elaboration your repairs or breakdowns turn out to be easily fixed. It is for this reason in addition to its incredible processor that it is categorized as one of the most expensive on the market. But of course, it is one of the most useful and effective when we talk about large-scale data.

Macrocomputer Features

All these characteristics are based on the most representative models of these computers, and in a compiled way we bridle them to you.

They have a large size

Not for nothing are they called Macrocomputers, because as I said before these computers could reach measure a few meters, but with the technological advances these have been reduced, keeping the following characteristics in operation.

High processing power and speed

This is one of the most outstanding characteristics, since these were necessary to carry out all the important tasks that it had to fulfill, since they were basically designed for it. Allowing to simultaneously perform a large amount of tasks in it.

High investment cost

Because they are very little manufacturers of these computers, their costs are really high above normal, making it impossible to use them in homes, thus only being used by large companies.

Operating systems

This system varies according to the manufacturer, most of these use variants of the Linux system in its different versions or the IBM zOS versions.

Storage capacity

These computers has ample storage, designed exclusively to be able to save and support an endless number of documents and files without having to generate problems in its operation and in that of the company in question.

Types of Macrocomputers

What is macrocomputers and what is it for?

The designs of the macrocomputers vary remarkably according to their creator and the corporation to which they belong. In the first place we find the IBM that were made in various models such as IBM zSeries, System z9 and z10. It should be noted that these aforementioned devices still exist today. These are the market leaders since their processor is also quite fast.

Second we find the Hewlett – Packard which is responsible for developing and marketing the NonStop equipment. On the other hand, the Japanese company decides not to be left out and begins the distribution and creation of BS2000, but a very important detail of this model is that it is currently only sold in Europe.

Where a Macrocomputer is used

Macrocomputers generally are used in large companies. And it is also specialized for totally scientific purposes. Its main use is the use of mission-critical applications that need to handle large volumes of data. For example, these devices are ideal for managing censuses, population statistics, statistics of large industries and consumers, and even for planning the use of available business resources.

Even large industrial companies determined this device as one of the essential in their organization. This thanks to its excellent and efficient operation, as well as the fact that despite being quite large, its handling is very easy and simple.

The macrocomputers are of purely exclusive use for specific areas. Here we show you any of the places or areas where they are used:


Some of the examples so that you know where they can be found are in banking institutions, brokerage houses or large insurance agencies, as they are ideal for the use and storage of information of a great variety of clients, for example if we talk about banking institutions.


In highly developed countries it is common for these macrocomputers to meet in large clinical health centers, since in this way it is possible to access different information quickly and safely.

Military Use

Yes, not all are just weapons. The armed forces also use them because from them communication between the land, ships and airplanes becomes completely easier. They are also useful for satellite locations and even predictions of weather changes.

Research – Academic

In developed countries, it is very common to meet them, because in large universities, in which they have many years of operation It is necessary to use these equipment for the flow and moving of so much information, whether document or multimedia. In addition to being one of the main components in the scientific and research area.

Web transactions

This device is also ideal for carrying out web transactions. Since they allow a greater number of users to connect in parallel without affecting its operation or efficiency. And everyone can instantly access the same quantity and quality of data available.

Advantages and disadvantages of Macrocomputers

One of the most outstanding advantages of this device is the ease of handling large amounts of data effectively. In addition to being a fairly fast and safe process. In addition to that it is a device with calculations far superior to those in common use. You can constantly use its processor at large scales and it will respond favorably most of the time since that is its function, handling a large amount of information flow.

Regarding the disadvantages we can say that due to its high capacity its size is quite high so it cannot be stored or moved anywhere. Adding to this that its cost is quite high compared to other computers available on the market.

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