Making chops online is easy with Chuletator

Times change and especially the way of doing things, today many of us are with exams and we need one help extra. The best way to pass is studying, without a doubt, but one that is also very effective is doing some other chop Of memory. If you want to create your own cheat sheet online, you should know that there is a perfect tool to achieve it.

Chuletator has been on the Internet for years and will help you create your own mini chop so you can print it later and it won’t be too small. Hasn’t it happened to you that you make the chop so small that you don’t lay it out afterwards? Well, with this generator of «shortcuts» to pass your exams you won’t have any problem and it also has an advantage, it’s totally free.

Make chops online with Chuletator

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Chops have always been made by hand or on the PC but today they already exist tools specialized to make cutlets on-line. At chuletator we will introduce the text, changing style, color, etc. and this one will adapt to a strip format for your print. If you don’t like Chuletator you can also use this other editor, even more complete.


Without a doubt, Chuletator is the best web cheat generator ever and you will be able to use it like a pro.


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