Maxthon Browser: Download and Install on Windows or Mac

If you are one of the users who travels many networks, then Maxthon is a browser that just for you, will give you the facility to send files, erase or eliminate private data and do endless other things, between different devices and many platforms uncomplicated and free way.

This is one of the fastest and the best web browsers on the market and is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems, developed with configurations that make it more powerful, faster and with better functionalities. This is why its download and subsequent configuration are very simple. If you are interested in the subject, join us.

Things to keep in mind before downloading Maxthon Explorer for Windows or Mac

The first thing to analyze are the reasons to download Maxthon on your Windows or Mac PC. First of all, it is fair to point out that we are facing one of the fastest browsers that exist today. In fact, Maxthon is characterized by being an excellent option to install on older computers.

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Another great advantage when downloading the browser is that has an integrated download manager. You may not know it, but this function is not available in browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, where you will have to access extensions to have tools like that.

In turn, the browser has an android version that integrates many of the options available in the desktop version.

  • In any case, before downloading this web browser, certain criteria must be taken into account:

In principle, upon entering the Maxthon official page You will see that the program presents you with the download options. You must select, according to the software you are using (Windows, Mac, Android or iOS).

The second requirement is to take into account the version of Maxthon, remember that your software must comply with the specifications of the program, that is, that your PC must be compatible with browser version Maxthon you want to download.

  • First: You must go to the official page of this browser on your pc
  • Second: Press or click on the free download button and wait for the program’s executable package to download to your PC.
  • Third: Then open the downloaded program and click the run button to continue downloading the browser.
  • Fourth: The next thing in the step is to click on the button of the Maxthon program that says «Install» and wait for the installation to finish. At the end, a shortcut of the explorer on your PC will be hosted on the desktop.

maxthon web browser

How to download the latest version in Spanish of Maxthon for Mac

The process with Mac is practically the same as with Windows, just go to the Maxthon website. Once there, you must click on ‘Download Now / Download Now’. The page will detect the correct version for your system, so you don’t have to worry about anything else. After downloading the program, install it.

How do I have to configure Maxthon on Windows or Mac – Step by step

You can see the preset configuration when you first run this app. However, you can make the customizations in the main screen interface if you wish.

On the main screen of this browser you will be able to make adjustments and move the pages with direct access to the position you want. You can group pages or applications by categories, in a single folder to optimize their use.

Of course, in addition to being able to adjust and configure the accesses and the interface on the main screen, you can also make adjustments and customize it through the options menu ribbon.

In short, the Maxthon web browser is one of the fast and simple ones that can be used on Windows or Mac PCs and is considered one of the fastest, since it has a minimalist interface.

  • First: To customize interface from the Maxthon screen click on the three bars located in the upper right section of the browser. There a menu of options is displayed with four main buttons located at the top: Favorites, history, download and settings.
  • Each of these options fulfills the functions that other browsers already have. In the settings option you will achieve enable ad blocking, select the language, the proxy, open the tools option, clear browsing data, etc.

capture maxthon web page

  • Second: To continue making other configurations, click on the «tools» option to customize the browser. Using this tool and following the submenu that the system presents to you, you can change the theme of the screen, change background colors, adjust the main home page and more.
  • Third: With the tool menu or by clicking on the icon in the shape of a nut, you can put the apps that you want as direct access. This is very useful, because when the browser is accessed, you will be able to see the applications that are used daily on the screen.

In this sense, it also has a great variety of configuration options that other browsers have, it also has better designed direct entry instruments and does not consume as many system resources as the others, it is quite light and takes up little memory as much RAM as the CPU and the best free.

Although what is shown before is perfectly functional to download Maxthon on your Windows or Mac computer, if you want get a particular version, the process is slightly different.

  • In this case, the first thing is to go to the Maxthon download section.
  • All versions of the software will be displayed there, simply select the one you want to download.

Also from this space you can access previous versions of Maxthon if you prefer.

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