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If we think of listen to music I’m sure services like Spotify or Grooveshark are some of our favorites, but … every so often an interesting project is born (I recently told you about Musicuo) and now, thanks to GenBeta, I have discovered Mflow.

Mflow is a service that will give us the possibility of listen to music online, no ads and with a wide variety of songs totally free. It has a good catalog, good prices and a surprising social layer.

What characteristics strengths of the program we can highlight several:

  1. A good organization of the music catalog, classified by artists and albums.
  2. Listen to music directly on-line or on our desk with a application (desktop app is limited).
  3. Buy music with one click.
  4. Searches precise.
  5. Possibility of doing flow to your songs (a new way to recommend your favorite songs to all your followers).
  6. Good prices and competitive.
  7. The songs we download no have DRM.

And as deficiencies we also find some:

  • It does not have a mobile application (but it works perfectly in Safari and iOS since it does not use Flash).
  • We can’t play entire songs on the desktop version (the worst for me).
  • We do not have the ability to create playlists.

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And, although these last two make the program lose a lot, they will soon suffer a face wash, both the desktop version and the ability to create playlists.

Mflow is in Englishbut unfortunately your payments are restricted to the UK.

Visit Mflow


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