Movavi, the perfect app to create videos like a pro

Although I’m not giving my YouTube channel a lot of attention, I must recommend a program to make videos, it’s about Movavi, a very complete suite to create videos like a true professional. It is something like an iMovie for Windows, the best alternative without a doubt.

It is true that there are many alternatives on the web but today we will talk about why Movavi is one of the best applications for create videos that we can use First of all, before talking about the suite, we’ve already told you that it’s available for both Windows and Mac OS X, so everyone can download it and use it, that’s already an added bonus that many others don’t have.

Movavi make videos

Why create videos with Movavi?

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When we want to start, or we already are, doubts always arise in video editing about which software to use and the problem is that most of them do not cover all our needs. Movavi Video Suite is an all in one that allows us to create professional videos or presentations easily. It allows us to add music, apply effects, transitions, edit videos, modify formats, etc. Everything we need from the same solution.

  • Movavi allows us create our own video the way we want: A movie with saved clips, a slideshow, capture video of our screen or even capture video directly from the webcam. You choose the source you need to create your video.
  • process the videos like a professional: You will be able to improve the quality of the videos (stabilize them, adjust the color, sharpen, etc.), cut the clips in the way you need and link them like a professional with the best transitions, there are some really good ones that I had never seen before found in other editing software.
  • apply effects made easy: Correcting and linking videos is fine, but who doesn’t like to apply an effect to make their video look like it’s from another planet? You have a lot of effects to choose from (more than 60) such as the classic retro effect, the slow motion effect, the blur effect, etc.

movavi video editor

  • Add the best music: Movavi has built-in music and sounds to give your videos a higher quality. You can record your own audio, add clips that you have on your PC, edit them or use the clips that the editor brings, very useful to give your creations a higher quality and better sound.
  • Save movies to format you need: Movavi is compatible with a lot of formats and you will be able to export the video in the one you need, you will have your file ready in a short time to upload it to YouTube, save it on your PC or share it with your friends, you choose.

The truth is that the suite is really good and the learning peak is not too high, everything is available with a nice interface, different languages ​​(including Spanish, German, English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, etc.). Thanks to this suite you will feel like a professional from the first day but without having to resort to programs that are very difficult to use and require hours and hours of handling for good control, in most competing programs half the tools they never get used and here you go everything you need to create professional videos in the easiest way possible.


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