Movie Review: The Social Network

I rarely do, but yesterday was one of those days where I felt like sitting in front of a big screen and watching the premiere: «The social network» (by the way, the cinema was more crowded than usual).

Without going into too much detail and leaving his argument up in the air, I must say that it has really been interesting Y exciting.

The lovers of the web 2.0 They will not blink in the 2 hours of film, but if you are alien to this world some comments could go unnoticed in your ear.

We will meet with the programming of FaceMatch (with hacking involved) and even with Sean Parker (the creator of napster, interpreted by Justin Timberlake).

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A movie in which good Y the bad ones may not be so bad. Beneath the plot hides the Biography make-up of «Mark Zuckerberg“Facebook founder reveals, in a fragmented story, the details of how he became the youngest billionaire in history (creating Facebook at Harvard) while facing several trials, one of them against the co-founder of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin (played by Andrew Garfield).

Jesse Eisenberg has managed to immerse himself in the skin of a young man «weird» and arrogant, but with a intelligence bestial. The screenwriter of the film (Aaron Sorkins) seems to hate comfort, dialectical exchange produced between the characters in the film is complex and the sentences are not understood, nor are they linked to each other, but, nevertheless, everything is in its place and in a seamless dash You will feel how everything makes sense.

I expected no less from a film directed by David Fincher. maybe he knew mix the ingredients of a story and tell it with realism and grandeur while leaving you sitting in awe.

Then I leave you the trailer of the movie, don’t miss it!

NOTE 9/10


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