My Mobile Goes Crazy When I Plug In Headphones

Phantom touches on the screen of devices after headphones or earphones have been connected to it have become a recurring problem for various users of mobile platforms.

Therefore, this problem being due to different reasons as the case may be, it is logical that solutions have also been developed to face each one of them. Therefore so make the phone not turn crazy or phantom touches occur on the screen or the touch of the same when connecting the headphones.

Therefore, we will show you a guide with simple steps that you can use to prevent your phone or cell from going crazy when you connect your headphones.

My headphones are out of control on my cell phone – Causes and solutions

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Many times we have had problems with our phone quite rare, in this case with the headphones or earphones, since at the moment of connecting them the equipment goes crazy or misconfigures.

The causes that can lead to the cell phone or mobile phone going crazy when connecting the hearing aids can be as varied as the number of users who have this disadvantage. For what you owe identify what the particular reason is why your mobile phone goes crazy when plugging in headphones.

phone with headphones

One of the most frequent reasons is that the headphones you own and, therefore, are using on your cell phone, may be damaged. That is, even though the sound is balanced in the headphones of your Android or iPhone, they could be cut internally and when rubbing, they create a slight short circuit that sends these pulsations that make your cell phone go crazy.

Likewise, it may be that the problem does not derive from your hearing aids, but from the slot where they are connectedIn other words, the slot where the 3.5 Jack plug is inserted could be dirty.

Finally, in case any of these are not the cause, it is likely that then the problem derives from a glitch in your device’s softwareor, causing your phone to go crazy when plugging in headphones.

white headphones for phone

When I plug in my headphones my cell phone turns off

The possible causes may vary, since it is not normal for your mobile phone to turn off when you connect your headset, there is a possibility that when you connect it, a short circuit is being generated; and because of this it begins to fail.

Many times the problem may be that your cell phone suffered a blow or it fell into water, then it is likely that when connecting the headset the mobile turns offSince it has humidity that may be responsible for the problem, what is recommended is to try to dry the equipment as much as possible to eliminate all the humidity and try again. If the problem persists, you can try another headset to see if it works normally. In case that with another headset it works in the correct way what you should do is take it to a technician for you to check the plug where the headset goes.

The music player is activated only when connecting the headphones to the mobile

If every time you put the headphones on your mobile, the music starts playing automatically, it may be because many headphones or earphones, whether they have cables or those that are via bluetooth, try to start the Autoplay nothing more at the moment of being connected, it is usually a scare for many especially if you have very high volume.

To avoid this, you just have to deactivate the option you find in the settings of Google Play Music, so that when you connect your mobile to the headphones the music does not play. All you have to do is enter Google Play Music and go to the settings option and deactivate the option that says Allow external devices to start automatic playback, doing this will solve the problem.

Why are my hearing aids opening the Google Assistant?

When you connect the headphones or earphones, the Google Assistant opens since it is configured and is activated because the phone recognizes them as a microphone, this option can be activate or desactivate from settings.

Why does the volume turn down when I plug in my headphones?

A possible problem that occurs when connecting the headphones and that the volume is lowered is the length of the plug since there are 1 and 2 mm, this small difference is the part of the connector that makes contact and controls the volume.

Is it possible to keep my phone or cell phone from going crazy when I plug in my headphones?

Although it seems like a failure that has only occurred with you, more and more people are joining the search for the origin of the problem when their cell phone goes crazy when connecting headphones. That is, once the headphones are connected, phantom touches occur on the screen that have a completely unknown origin.

Therefore, it is possible to prevent the phone or cell phone from going crazy when connecting the headphones, because for this various solutions have been developed and each one depends on the reason why these phantom touches occur on your cell phone screen when you connect the headphones.

headphones connected to cell phone

This way, yeah your phone shows this failure when connecting this accessory, either because they have a small internal cut, which can even make the hearing aids stop sounding. If not also, that the problem is due to dirt in the corresponding slot or to failures in the software of your cell phone.

In each case, you have a potential solution, which will allow you prevent your phone or cell phone from going crazy when plugging headphones into it.

How do I keep my cell phone from going crazy when I plug in my headphones?

Once you have identified the reason why your mobile phone or cell phone goes crazy when plugging in headphones, it only remains that you use the appropriate solution according to your case.

Therefore, if you consider that the failure is due to your headphones being in poor condition, the most prudent thing is to change them for new ones. In case you have already tried with other hearing aids, the problem it may be due to dirt or bad condition of the port corresponding to the 3.5 Jack connector, which is that of the headphones.

In this case, the best option at your disposal is to purchase and connect Bluetooth headphones to your cell phone, as this will prevent your phone from going crazy. when connecting headphones.

On the other hand, if none of these solutions has served to put an end to those phantom touches on your cell phone screen, the best option is to restore your Android or iPhone to factory settings as the case may be. Well, the problem would be due to some error in the software, and in this way you will get prevent your cell phone from going crazy when plugging in headphones.

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