My Samsung Galaxy Heats Up and Shuts Down By Itself – Battery Problems

For sure, you are a person who never lets go of his cell phone; And as you can imagine, you are not the only one, all the people in the world do not go out without their mobile. And it is that, everything that we are going to do in the day we can do it, even from the mobile; but this usually has consequences on the overall performance of these devices.

For this reason, overheating in the batteries of our cell phones is a very common problem that should not surprise us if it happens. Usually this problem it can happen when we leave the phone charging many times longer than the battery needs to be at 80% or 90%.

Of course, this is not the only reason why it can overheat and turn off, and in this article we are going to explain several reasons that can influence this.

Why is my Samsung getting hot?

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On many occasions, phones get hot for reasons that can vary, but one of the main ones is that the cell phone is too demanding, for example when it is used to play, since some games are very heavy and these require more resources such as RAM memory, Processor and Graphics, all these make get hotter than normal.

The same happens when we have many applications open, because if they are not closed they continue to work but remain in the background so they continue to consume phone resources. Also when charging the device it is normal for it to get hot since a lot of energy is being sent to the battery, and it gets hotter when you have the option of fast charge.

There are cases in which the heating of the battery is normal, but if there is an overheating that makes the mobile turn off by itself, you have to look for the problem. A normal cause of heating on your Samsung M10 is that you are using for a long time, playing games or watching videos or movies.

Doing these things on our phone is not bad, but if we spend a lot of time, the battery, the plate and even the screen quickly overheat if we don’t let it rest. Too, Another common cause for overheating is, the environment in which it is found; If it is very hot, it is normal for it to get warm.

mobile with thermometer

So, we must be especially careful with leaving it exposed to the sun for hours, if we do not want to take life from the battery or the phone screen. Another reason for this heating in the battery occurs when there is some update the software or Android version, therefore, you have to take care that it works well after updating it.

However, there could be bigger damages; such as if it gets hot in the back, while we are charging it the battery may already have a low life. On the other hand, if it is completely hot when we charge it, it could be a problem with the charger or the cable, which can damage the battery of the Samsung M10.

Remember also that, if you use your Samsung M10 during its charging hours, you are causing excessive consumption of your system, so it could also get hot. These are some of the main reasons why your phone gets hot; Now what can you do to fix it?

What happens when the cell phone battery gets hot?

There are two possible causes for batteries to fail, the first one is when it has a fault, that is, it is damaged or has a deterioration and is broken; as it may have fallen and caused damage. When these problems exist, the battery may have the risk of short circuit and it becomes something more widespread so it can explode. The main cause of battery fires is heat.

When charging the battery it is possible to create a generation of heat, since if the mobile heats up a lot, a short circuit inside and it should be noted that it is not always the fault of the battery.

Why does my cell phone turn off only when I still have a battery?

If it happens that your phone turns itself off even when it has a battery, it is very likely that that battery is already damaged, if so, you must change it. This problem is common in devices that have been used for several years, and this problem can happen much earlier if you have bad charging habits such as charging it overnight or letting it go down to zero percent.

Another possible cause may be that there is a failure with the percentage indicator, that is, that it is out of calibration, then it is marking wrong.

burning phone overheated

Wear it for a long time

Use a long time and constantly your device can cause damage to the battery as it is always running; just like using it for the time it is charging is serious damage because it doesn’t let power reach your battery.

Configuration issues

Many times it can happen that we do not do the configuration of our equipment well, which influences the performance of your phone in terms of battery, as for example we can reduce battery consumption when configuring the display and configuring the performance.

Software updates

One of the things that you can also do and that can help you with the dilemma of the phone turning off, is the software update; This will greatly help your phone to perform better.

Serious damage

If you have already tried everything to ensure that your phone does not turn off or try to make the battery last longer and nothing works, it is because you have serious problems and you should go to someone with experience to repair it or simply change teams.

What to do when the cell phone shuts down due to overheating?

Many times we leave the phone charging in a very hot area such as on the car dashboard, it is something that is very wrong since it may have a overheating,

the best way to cool down your equipment is to disconnect the charger, remove the lining and the battery, and place it in a cool place so that it can cool down, that is, never put it in the fridge or anything like that, since changes in temperature and humidity do not feel good .

In this case, it is important that we constantly check the use of our phone’s battery to know which applications are consuming more of it. Although it may seem insignificant, it is important that you use the original charger of your Samsung M10 and not any other, so that the voltage received by the mobile is not affected.

As we mentioned before, it is also important that don’t leave your Samsung M10 charging overnight, this could overheat the battery and drain its life. This is not good for any mobile device, since with so much unnecessary charge the battery saturates and therefore overheats and shuts down.

mobile with smoke

What other things can you do to prevent it from turning off due to heating up the battery? If your phone uses a protective liner, You can take it off to get the heat that they keep. Also, you can put the phone in airplane mode, so that all the processes that it is carrying out with signal, are canceled and the phone rests for a while.

If we feel that the phone has a very high temperature, it is best to turn it off for a while, so you can rest from all the use we give it daily. In such case, we do not turn it off or activate the airplane mode, it is advisable to disable Wi-Fi and mobile data and remove background applications.

If possible, you can also leave the phone resting in a place with lower temperatures than outside. Now, if the heating problem continues with these simple solutions, it is best to go to a Samsung technical center.

Optimize mobile resources

It depends on the equipment you use, you can do the following to optimize it.

  • You can reduce the brightness of your screen.
  • Disable keyboard vibration or sound.
  • Restrict all the apps that are consuming a lot of battery.
  • Activate the battery optimization function.
  • Delete the accounts that you are not using.

Remove the cover

One way to help calm the heating of your equipment is by removing the case or housing and placing it in the shade, this way the equipment can cool down much faster.

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