myths and tricks that do work and you didn’t know

Repair a wet mobile: myths and tricks that do work and you didn't know 1

Despite the fact that IP67 and IP68 protection is gradually being established in mobile phones, the truth is that most mid-range and low-end phones lack this type of certification. To this we must add that the models that make up this certification are not exempt from suffering liquid damage. In fact, the manufacturers themselves recommend not submerging their devices in water. If you have come this far, it is because your mobile has come into contact with water. Immersing the mobile in rice or applying hot air to it are some of the most popular solutions that we can find on the Internet. But, Which of these tricks work and which are myths? We see it. is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to the devices. Responsibility lies entirely with the user.

Don’t even think about using a dryer to repair your wet mobile

It may sound illogical, but the truth is that applying heat to the phone can be counterproductive. First, because it won’t do us any good. And second, because it can damage the phone’s motherboard. The reasons are simple: blowing air through the ports of the phone will not remove the liquids immersed in the motherboard. In fact it is probable that the generated water vapor itself will end up oxidizing the componentswhich will degenerate into irreparable damage to certain electronic elements.

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To this we must add that the application of heat on certain components can damage some plastic or metal parts. The battery is one of the most sensitive elements to heat. Also the coaxial cables that carry the network antenna connection to the motherboard. And so with dozens of components.

The rice method works (but not always)

Another trick that is sold as a solution to repair a wet mobile is to submerge the device in rice. In theory, this cereal absorbs moisture from the environment to fatten its own fiber. And in fact it is so, but this means that it serves as a final solution to save a mobile that has been submerged in water.

Repair a wet mobile: myths and tricks that do work and you didn't know 2

The first thing we must take into account is the type of water: submerging the phone in fresh water is not the same as in salt water. If it’s the latter, most likely the device will not survive. The salt and the different sediments cause corrosion in the components that rarely has a solution. In the first case, there is a high probability of saving the phone if there is no corrosion yet.

The ideal thing to repair a wet mobile with this method would be to disassemble the phone’s chassis. For example, the back cover, the charging connector and even the battery. If this is not possible, the only viable solution is to turn off the phone immediately, dip it in rice and pray a lot and well. It is recommended leave the phone resting for a minimum of 24 hoursalthough it is best to leave it at least 48 or even 72 hours in a lot of rice.

The best method to save our mobile is… Alcohol!

But not drinking alcohol or medicine cabinet alcohol, no. Isopropyl alcoholalthough for some bad ones we can also resort to medicine cabinet alcohol as long as its minimum concentration is 97%.

Unlike water, alcohol evaporates almost instantly. The key to using an alcohol with a high concentration is that it is able to take the water with it. In a nutshell: to repair a mobile phone soaked in water we will have to submerge the device in alcohol. Yes, you read it right. in alcohol.

Ideally, this would be done by removing the battery and certain corrosion-sensitive components. As this is not possible in the majority of models currently on the market, we will have to limit ourselves to turn off the phone and let it sit in alcohol for several minutes. 2, 3, 4 or even 10 minutes. Enough to penetrate everywhere.

Finally we will dry the phone with absorbent paper to remove all the liquid from the chassis. We can combine this method with the rice trick to maximize the effectiveness of both methods. Yes indeed, first in alcohol and then in riceprecisely to prevent corrosion of the components.

There is a product that is sold on the Internet that promises to revive my mobile, does it work?

For a few years, dozens of products have hit the Internet with the promise of reviving any wet mobile. One of these products is Waterrevive Blue, a liquid that offers an effectiveness of 98% in the words of the company itself. But does it really work?

The truth is that yes, or at least in most cases. Nor is it the panacea. These types of products are generally based on a type of isopropyl alcohol intended for cleaning electronic components. In fact, the instructions for these products are usually similar to those mentioned in previous paragraphs: submerge the phone in the liquid for several minutes, let it rest on a surface and turn it on after the first 24 hours.

If no short circuit has occurred it is very likely that the phone will be able to revive. It may also be the case that the device turns on but does not respond to touches on the screen or is not able to emit sounds through the speaker. This is because some components have shorted. The solution is to replace the component in question.

Conclusion: turn off the mobile as soon as possible and do not apply heat

That’s how it is. The first cause of liquid damage is not the liquid itself, but rather corrosion and short circuiting. By turning off the mobile immediately we will be able to avoid the latter. If we follow the correct method, we will be able to avoid the former. However, we must be clear that under no circumstances can we apply heat to the device, as illogical as it may seem. In addition to the probable corrosion of certain components, it is very likely that some elements will be damaged by cumin. Therefore, without dryers or heat guns.

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