NFS Review: Most Wanted (2012)

Most Wanted comes back to the world of consoles with a «reboot» that maintains the original essence of the title that triumphed in 2005.

The English are unrivaled when it comes to launching driving games and they present us with an open world, online possibilities, a very meticulous driving system and smarter police officers as well as rivals with a very high AI.

Criterion Games triumphed with the remake of Hot Pursuit and it will not be less this time. The game is based on its predecessor but is adapted to the new platforms with a impeccable graphic section.

This new delivery comes full of luxury cars (a good repertoire) perfectly detailed with which to go out on the street to become the most sought after. I will try to make a small analysis of the game highlighting the strong points of the game (without going too long):

  • In the technical section, NFS stands out both graphically and aurally. Its graphics are perfect and very polished while we are offered a sound, both from the machines and from the music chosen, perfect.
  • In driving we can appreciate a system of different maneuverability to what we are used to in which a polished handling, combined with crashes to respond before our opponents (with a very high AI), will give us victory in each race. The game has a very drift.

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Here we can see a Gameplay made by me with the GTX 650. I have chosen to put the graphics to the maximum and it was a little fair. (About 27 fps on average) but you can appreciate the physics and details, as well as the new driving style that you can adapt to quickly.

  • Cars can be customized in terms of nitro and some upgrades but no tuning. These machines do not need advanced spoilers to impress, their details have been taken care of to the maximum and they all shine on the screen. The cars are physically destroyed (it hurts to see them).
  • The police as always, it’s improved but it’s still very easy to dodge them, even at the highest wanted levels (they hit you head-on and rip you apart but it’s pretty easy to get away from them).

At the moment it has not disappointed me, it is a title that gives an important extra speed and will take your racing suit off for a while. Enjoy it!


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