Online multiplayer Parchis

If you are looking for a while of fun on the Internet, a game of parchis Against your friends or strangers it will be the best option to have a good time.

The parchis It is a game of yesteryear, but one that is still fun, from the largest to the smallest. To be able to win you will have to elaborate well your strategy and if you play by teams you will have to manage to win anyway.


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In you can find a multiplayer parchis exceptional that no requires Registration previous.

This parchis can only be found here, as it was made exclusively for the page. The game mechanics are similar to Parcheesi classic, but with various modifications that makes it more exciting.

The games you can configure them your way, playing face to face, with 3 or 4 people.

In addition to this, you can play for equipment or individual, choose the number of dices and the weather that each player has to shoot.


The parchis, no requires Registration previous. You will only have to:

  • Enter at this address
  • Choose one living room.
  • Enter a Nickname and choose a avatar.
  • Sit in a desk of which people are waiting or create your game and wait for your friends to have a good multiplayer game in full rule and play.

Mesas parchis

You will have a great time in the games and you will have a simple but usual chat to communicate with the members of the board.

I have good memories playing Parcheesi in our spare time, having fun like little children, eating chips and with a rivalry fury.

Luck And may the best win.


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