Pirating consoles in Europe is legal

Everyone talks about console piracy as something dark and illegal, and few people put up a sign like: “Consoles are hacked here«. One of the latest judgments in the European Union has considered the sale to installation of modchips as something legal.

We can see the conclusion in El Mundo where the sentence between Nintendo and PC Box (for selling modchips for Wii U and Nintendo DS) has been drawn. The installation of modchips not only allows us to run copies of games but also gives us the possibility to install homebrew and make the most of your hardware from the console.

That hacking also serves to run copies of games has nothing to do with it, there are more people than they think they use it. homebrew as something fruitful And not only to save money on games that, with the arrival of online multiplayer, are bought more and more so as not to lose its features.

Now, despite the fact that this sentence has been carried out in Europe, in Spain they do not want that kind of thing and they want to reform their penal code to fight against the chipping of consoles, raising the sentence for operating with this type of device to 6 years. I think that Spain should focus on thieves returning what they owe and not on these things that do not benefit anyone.

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