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It is clear that Flappy bird It is triumphant and there is no doubt about it, the problem came when its developer decided to remove the game from the application stores so that no one else would get hooked on that damn so addictive game that leaves many people without a life of their own.

IPhone users no longer have possibility to download it (at least without jailbreak) and Android can still download the .APK to install it on their smartphones and play a good time. But, luckily, there are already many people who have created the odd one port of the game to different technologies although on PC it is quite difficult to play it.

Today I would like to recommend some really good ones that allow us play Flappy Bird online in our browser totally free.

  • Official Flappy Bird – The creator of Flappy Bird himself has created a web version of the game that can be played, without problems, from most browsers. It can be played online for free.
  • Flappy Bird in HTML 5 – It is a clone created in HTML 5 that represents the game very well.
  • Birdy Dong – It is a more or less official clone that can be downloaded for Android through Google Play. It changes the look but has the same mechanics.

The first link refers to the Official Flappy Bird which is very funny, the second one is already a lot more complicated to handle because gravity does not recreate very well. Certainly playing Flappy Bird with a mouse it is much more complicated than doing it with a touch screen.

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If you also find it difficult to do it with a touch screen, you can consult these tips that will help you level up quickly and go much further. Note that, just like in the original game, you can easily share your score that you have reached through social networks.


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