Problems with Xbox 360 and Fable 2

I’ve been through a long time fable on Mi PC. Searching my memories made me want to spend the second part. What is the problem? I’m addicted to my PS3 and the Xbox 360 It does not fit in my games corner and after the impressions that I will tell you I think that it will never win a place.

As many know, this magnificent saga has only come out half to pc and to Xbox 360. Thanks to a friend I got one to pass the second part. In addition to buying the game I have had the possibility to really test the console.

As for the results I have had enough problems with the console:

  • Toonoise.
  • Quite slowness at the time of loading the game but I copy it to the hard disk.

And some others with play:

  • A bug which tells you that you can’t do anything else until the sequence ends (yes, a classic bug that messes up the whole game and you have to start it over again). At the moment I have not tried again to get to that part of the game but I will try and see if it happens again.

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Searching a bit on the net I have read that there is a patch that corrects some bugs, something that annoys me a lot that a game of this quality has and more in its Gold version. To install it I have to connect to Xbox Live and for this the console asks me to update.

After inserting a pen to to update (since the console itself cannot do it by itself due to lack of memory) I get an error E66. This means that the firmware of the reader is not adequate. Is my original (non-pirated) console firmware not compatible with the official console update? This does not happen at Sony… I have two ps3 I have never had a similar problem nor do I have any friends who have.

I was very disappointed in both the game and the console. I hadn’t played in a long time and Fable II was really hooking me. What do you think about all this?


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