RAR5, the new format of WinRAR

WinRAR It is the most used program to compress files today. This month they have decided to release the fifth version of their compression program. A 40-day free trial is offered and then you know you can buy a lifetime license.

The main novelty of this program is the support for its new RAR5 format. Until now and for a long time (quite a long time) the most used algorithm is RAR4 since it is supported by most of the programs that perform this task.

RAR5 manages to increase the compression dictionary size up to 1GB in the 64-bit version (although by default the size will be 32 Mb). This means that when we are going to compress large files we can use large dictionaries to achieve better compression (although the process time will be increased).

Another important change is implemented in the recovery log , being this much more resistant to damages than its predecessor although only with a record equal to or greater than 5% of the file size. Data can be encrypted with the 256-bit AES algorithm (a very robust algorithm).

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For the moment only WinRAR 5 supports this new format although its competitors will be able to incorporate it into their software whenever they want (which will depend strictly on its developers).

In terms of speed, RAR5 is quite a bit faster than 7-Zip. My recommendation is that you continue using the RAR4 format for a while, if you want to use RAR5 it is better that you create an executable so that everyone can open it.


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