Recharge Your Mobile Phone Battery Without The Need To Use A Charger

If at any time you have wondered how I can charge my cell phone battery without using the charger and if this is possible? Well, you should know that it is, and that it is not something too complex.

Throughout our lives we are exposed to unforeseen situations, and for this we must always be prepared for what may happen. Although power outages are very rare, they can happen. If this happens, we will not want to have our mobile without battery, since we need it to stay in contact or even ask for help from a family member or friend. For this we need a way to charge it so there is no electricity.

What is the optimal time to recharge a cell phone?

The best time to charge the cell phone is when its battery is close to 20%. On the other hand, if you want to know the time of day to charge your mobile, the truth is that it does not matter, as long as it can comply with charging the battery at least up to 80%, a figure that many recommend handling on average.

Correct way to charge a cell phone battery

Perhaps the most important thing is that use a suitable charger and much better if it is the original or one that is designed directly for your mobile. In turn, you should avoid at all costs that the battery becomes hot both while charging, and while using the mobile.

Similarly, we also recommend use original cable of your phone or a good quality one. A bad cable can be almost as damaging as a poor quality charger.

charge my cell phone battery without using a charger

Maximize the useful life of your mobile phone battery with each recharge

It is recommended to maintain daily charging periods. In fact, as we mentioned, many recommend that the mobile battery is between 20% and 80% while we use it. If the mobile battery drops below 20%, put it on charge and wait until it reaches 80% at least.

Perhaps most importantly, the battery does not overheat. Therefore, we emphasize that you use original chargers and cables to avoid any future problems.

First method to charge the battery of my Smartphone without a charger

On the internet there are a large number of supposed methods to charge our battery in emergencies. However most of these are risky and can cause our battery to break down. For this reason, here we will explain two of the safest methods to do this.

In the first instance, we can make use of our car. This incorporates a multipurpose port, in which we can connect a charger for our cell phone. In most cars this is included, and is placed where the cigarette lighter is.

To connect it just you will have to locate the port and remove any security method you have, it can be a lid, or even the lighter itself. When you remove it you will see the empty slot. Here you connect your charger and then start the car. Then you can connect your device via USB.

It is important that for this you always have your car’s engine running. This will make your device charge, although slower than usual, but completely safe. You can view this procedure as if it were charging with a generic charger.

Second method to charge the battery of my Smartphone without a charger

In case of not having a car, we can make use of an element that we surely have in our house, and it is a laptop. Through our laptop, we can help our cell phone for a few hours. This is a less efficient method than the previous one, because the battery must be in good condition.

However, it is something that can get us out of trouble. To do this we will only have to have our laptop at hand and proceed to turn it on. After it’s on and that the system has loaded correctly, we must suspend it.

Then we can connect our device, through its USB cable. With this it should start charging, it is important that when we do this, we activate the energy saving mode.

Because our laptop has a limited charge, we must reduce the consumption of our device as much as possible so that everything goes to the battery. You should also keep in mind that this process is slow and you should leave it charging for at least two hours. You can also put it in airplane mode, decrease the brightness and even deactivate the internet by WIFI.

Know the charging alternatives for your cell phone battery

While it is best to recharge your mobile phone battery using a charger, this is not the only way to do it. In fact, there are many ways to charge your cell phoneLet’s analyze the most famous ones and the ones you should avoid, recapping a little the information shown previously.

Use another battery compatible with your mobile phone

If your phone has removable batteries, you can use another battery if you cannot charge your phone with a charger. In any case, it is very important that the backup battery is original, since pirated batteries can endanger the integrity of your cell phone.

Find AA, AAA, or 9-volt batteries and connect them to your battery

Eye, this it is something you should avoid at all costs. Charging the mobile with batteries is not recommended and do not use 9-volt batteries at all, since they exceed the typical 5v measurement that is usually used to charge cell phones. This measure should be used only in emergencies, knowing how to connect the battery to the batteries and taking great care of the voltage.

Connect your mobile to a car cigarette lighter

To recharge your mobile phone battery without a charger in your car, you will need an adapter. You can find them at any electronics store or online, just search for ‘car charger’. Either way, we recommend buy car chargers quality to avoid problems.

charge cell phone powerbank

Take advantage of the power of a USB port on your laptop or computer

Another completely safe way to charge your mobile without a charger is using your PC or laptop. The PCs have USB outputs that have the indicated voltage to charge any mobile. Therefore, if you run out of charge, take advantage of the power of your laptop / PC.

Use the benefits of a solar energy charger

Solar technology has advanced a lot, in fact, you can use a solar charger to recharge your mobile battery. Any decent quality charger that you find in online stores should be functional. Even so, read the reviews carefully and specifications before buying.

Use a portable battery bank connected to your cell phone

Undoubtedly the best way to recharge your cell phone without a charger is using a Powerbank or battery bank. In fact, Powerbanks are made for just this, which is why they represent one of the safest methods to charge your mobile when you do not have access to conventional electricity.

Is it possible to achieve a real load by doing this procedure?

In the aforementioned cases, a real charge of the cell phone is achieved, because we are safely transferring energy from one device to the other.

charge my cell phone battery

In many places we see how they recommend the use of smaller cells or batteries to charge a cell phone. Nevertheless this is not recommended, because the voltages are usually very different and what we can achieve is that our battery and even our cell phone are completely damaged.

In the case of using our laptop, we must know that we can charge several cell phones at the same time. The only impediment will be the charge limit that the laptop’s own battery has and if it is fully charged. For this reason, it is best to use our car to charge it, since it is constantly generating new energy when the engine is running.

If you decide on any of the methods mentioned here, it is important that you use cables in good condition physical. With this we can avoid a short circuit or that the energy is transformed into heat and is lost.

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