Record your PC screen online, without installing anything

When you need record your pc screen you resort to third-party programs like Camtasia Studio (the most professional) or to more independent developers that provide you with useful tools, but in no case would it have occurred to you that you can record the screen from any computer without installing any application, thanks to apowersoft.

What is the best of Apowersoft?

Record C%C3%A1mera

  • It does not need installation since it works directly from the browser as it is a web tool.
  • Record video and audio (even from your microphone) without limits.
  • it totally gratuitous.
  • Fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, although it will surely work on Linux as well by using the Java plugin to run on your computer.
  • Possibility to record the full screen or area Of the same.
  • Supports a large number of output formats.
  • It includes a powerful editor that allows you to change some things and add notes, icons, etc.

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With all this, you will surely be more than served and when everything is offered to you totally free, even better. Against it is only worth noting that you need a decent internet connection to use the software. You just have to enter the page and click on Start Recording.


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