Remote desktop from Google Chrome

I have always liked TeamViewer to give remote support to all my PCs and those of my friends when they had a doubt but they must confess that I have been unfaithful to them with Chrome Remote Desktop.

Is extension for Google Chrome gives us the possibility to access remotely to other teams and what is more interesting (easy access to our PCS, something very useful when you have several). The extension is no longer in beta and is running like a charm.

In the last update they have included a series of improvements substantial:

  • Audio in real time (for Windows).
  • The possibility of share the clipboard between the local and the remote computer.

Chrome Remote Desktop is not as complete as Team Viewer but to perform a fast support is perfect and it works like a charm. Say you just have to install the extension, configure it for remote access and voila! You do not have to have the browser open when you want to enter the remote PC and it is compatible with any operating system that has Chrome.

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In this little video we see how the application unfolds, there are some kind of stoppages but it is because of the remote PC that crashed with the browser (things from netbooks), we also see some pixels (to reduce the size of the video I have lowered the fps but in reality they are not appreciated), it works great. take a look, maybe simplicity of the application is what has fascinated me so much.

If you liked it, download the extension, you won’t be disappointed. sorry for the video but it was done in a hurry and the rush is what they have.


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