Remove Windows Apps That Start Automatically

Operating systems they are an essential tool that human beings have created in order to adapt the technological elements to an easy-to-use interface for the users of these systems.

Over time, technology allowed the programming of more complicated elements, as the Operating System. Today, there are 3 major brands, which are MacOS, Windows and Linux.

Computers using MacOS are sold exclusively by the brand Apple, these despite having a high price are incredibly good computers, whose operating system really uses every penny that is invested. This is because Apple manages to maximize the capabilities of the Hardware in secret ways.

Also, developed by the Ubuntu team, Linux exists. This is a system that allows users to configure in much more personalized ways the way in which the pieces that make up the hardware are used, in addition to being able to write the code of many more programs.

It is important that you know that linux is open source, so anyone can learn how to install Ubuntu Linux easily.

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Lastly, we have Windows. This is developed by Microsoft, a company founded by a billionaire philanthropist named Bill Gates, who is a tech whiz.

What is Microsoft Windows? How do I know if my computer has Windows?

Microsoft Windows is the operating system used by the vast majority of users of the commonly called Pc. These are all the equipment that we know as laptops and tower or desktop computers.

Call them what you want, the safest thing is that your computer is made by one of the great technology companies, such as Sony, Samsung or Toshiba, and hundreds more companies that have made a name for themselves selling equipment that includes the Windows operating system by default.

It is easy to know if your computer has Windows, since this operating system is characterized by its horizontal toolbar which is located at the bottom of the screen. The start button has the logo of the operating system, so it is very easy to identify.

This in addition to the fact that your computer shows that same symbol when you are turning on the equipment. In addition to this, there are some system applications that open automatically when the operating system starts.

What applications open when Windows starts?

These are too varied, because the vast majority are installed by the user. For example, the vast majority of task managers for printers whose drivers are installed on the computer start automatically.

On the other hand, people who play video games will realize that there are several programs such as Discord. This is a free voice and text chat service, in which you can register for free. Also, there are other application markets, which can also handle an internal game library. An example of these is Steam. This is a market where you can download, install, and play video game titles.

When all of these applications are opened at once, they cause the computational processing unit, or CPU, to suffer from a problem called over traffic. This causes the entire operating system to slow down.

Remove or disable Apps that start automatically in Windows

Applications that start automatically in Windows, usually cause a higher amount of CPU to be consumed what makes your pc run in a slower way and have low performance. So it is recommended that you disable unnecessary applications that start automatically.

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For this, we need to open the PC normally. Once it opens, we must look for the Windows start key. In case you have Windows 8 or 10, you can access a special menu by pressing the Magnifying glass key and typing, exempting the quotation marks, the command ¨MSCONFIG¨.

operating system icon

This command opens Windows settings. Among the options offered, is that of ‘Windows startup ‘, which in turn has the ‘Open Task Manager’ button.

Once you access this menu, you will see a tab that says ‘Start’, and shows the programs with which Windows starts. You should select them and disable them with the “Disable” button at the bottom right, which is activated when you click on any of these programs.

How to remove an application that opens on Windows startup

There are several ways to remove the applications that start automatically when we turn on our pc, below we will show you some ways to do it:

With task manager

The first way is one of the most used, and is by accessing the task menu of the Windows operating system, in order to do so we can search for it from the Windows button or simply by pressing the keys ‘Ctrl, Alt and Del’ where a Windows screen will appear with various options.

Click on the task manager option to access the window of the applications that are running and the percentage of memory that each one consumes. In order to deactivate the applications that run automatically, go to the tab that says ‘start’ where will all the applications be found

With CCleaner

In case you have not been satisfied with the option of the task manager, you can choose to download CCleaner which is a software that is used to be able to clean junk files and system cache. And it also helps to disable programs and applications that start automatically, which are not necessary.

In order to download CCleaner, you will simply have to enter its name in the search engine and access the official page of the software, where you will find the official download links to be able to install it on your PC.

windows pc

View the programs that run when Windows starts

In order to verify which are the programs and applications that run automatically when you turn on your PC, you will have to enter the system task manager, for this you can search for it via Windows menu or you can also access by pressing the keys at the same time ‘Ctrl, Alt, and Del’ where a Windows screen will appear with various options, of which you will have to choose the ‘task manager’.

Then the task manager window will appear where all the system applications that are running will appear, enter the tab that says start at the top. In this you can see all the applications that run automatically when Windows starts, and in turn you can see the percentage of memory that each one consumes.

What are the benefits of disabling startup applications in Windows

By deactivating the applications that start automatically in Windows you can reduce the consumption of the computer’s performance, that is, your PC will run with higher speed and better fluidity, however there are applications in which you run a certain risk if you decide to disable it, such as antivirus.

That despite consuming a large amount of performance, if they are deactivated they will expose your PC to any virus, when downloading a file or program.

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Therefore, we recommend disabling only those applications that are not vital to the system, or that do not influence its protection, or in case your antivirus consumes a considerable amount of memory that makes your PC run slower. You can choose to install and use a different Antivirus that consumes less performance on the computer’s CPU.

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