Review: Avantree Hive Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Thanks to MobileFun we have in our hands the Stereo Bluetooth Headphones Of the brand Avantree hive and in the following article we will proceed to make a review of the product as I am used to, it will be simple but very detailed.

At the end of the written review they will have a video which will explain in a more entertaining and graphic way how the device works, its appearance and also the author’s comments on his assessment.

I am a headphone lover, perhaps it is a strange addition that has led me to try many brands and different formats, from the Tritton Pro Plus for games (of the best of its kind), Sony wireless headphones and even to the Monster Solo HD, the best for listening to music or even for DJing on a small scale.

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The Avantree hive Perhaps they are not very well known and their price (about 40 euros if I remember correctly) has a lot to inflate to reach the one of these helmets that I was talking about. But I have to say something, these helmets have blown me away, its quality and sharpness are impressive.


  • Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR, Class 2, 10m
  • Support for the following headphone profiles: Hands Free, A2DP, and AVRCP
  • Time to talk and listen to music: A maximum of 18 hours
  • Standby time (standby time): Up to 8 days
  • Charging time: About 3 hours but the first charge is recommended to last about 5 hours. While charging, the light turns red but when it turns off, charging has finished.
  • Weight: 180g
  • Size: 180 (L) x 170 (W) x 71 (H) mm

They visually have a retro style but they are not bad at all, they seem simple but they adapt perfectly to the head and they sound great. What can we highlight about these helmets?

  • They allow you to enjoy wireless music or even talk on the phone with great stereo sound.
  • They have the option of connecting an audio cable (3.5mm jack) for those devices that do not have bluetooth.
  • The battery lasts up to 18 hours of both music and conversation.
  • They connect automatically once you sync them and are very easy to use.
  • Comfortable and easy to wear.


We will proceed to review the fundamental aspects of the device.


The box is perfect and its ideal size for headphones of this style. In its Exterior We observe a description of the characteristics, the specifications in several languages ​​(one of them is Spanish) and the contents of the box: Stereo Bluetooth headphones, audio cable with 2 male 3.5mm jacks, charging cable, manual and letter warranty.

When opened, a plastic frame protects all the contents perfectly and is very useful for later transfer to other places. It has a degree of robustness more than enough for the helmets and they are protected from any blow (unless you are a complete animal). Its design is outstanding.

Instructions for use and operation

Using these helmets is extremely simple. To synchronize them, just press (automatically after pressing the ON button) the call key for 7 seconds. After this we will proceed to turn off and on the device and we will observe how after turning on a couple of times the lights will begin to alternate between red and blue immediately, that is, it is in synchronization mode.

Once in this mode it is only necessary that you look for the helmets with your phone (Bluetooth on) and link them, if it asks for a password it will be 0000 but in Android it does not usually ask for it for devices that carry this password as standard. The call button is the one on the right of the photo.

Device interface

The interface of the device is entirely on the outside of the left helmet with 5 elements that we have to highlight:

  • Call button or multifunction button (the phone we see in the photo above) and used to hang up, pick up and put the device into synchronization mode.
  • Play / Pause button (the one on the left) used to pause or resume the music player on our phone or the device we are controlling.
  • Volume button that is used for 2 things: To control the volume if we press continuously or to advance or rewind songs or files if we are in the player and we give it a few short touches. We can hardly see it in the image, it is the one at the bottom, a wheel that we can see in many devices with similar operation.
  • ON / OFF button in the form of a switch that is used to turn the headphones on or off.
  • 3.5mm Jack connection that is used to connect an audio cable for devices that do not have bluetooth or to charge the device if we use the cable that it brings us and that, at the other end, connects to a USB. I personally load it directly on the PC since, even if it is turned off, it still charges.


His manual is complete Although Spanish is not found and it offers us detailed instructions on how the device works, how to configure it (although I have already told you that as it says I cannot configure them, interpreting the instructions in my own way if I have managed to do it) and all the advice that we must follow to use the helmets correctly.

Sound and quality tests

We come to the section that I value the most and take into account the most to give the final assessment, the quality sound tests of this device. What would a review of a sound device be without testing its true quality? In this aspect we must differentiate two different sections, the sound of the headphones and the sound of telephone conversations.

As I have been warning you, its sound is far superior to what I expected For helmets with a similar price, I did not expect poor quality but I am used to helmets of this price coming with poor bass and bad insulation that is not like that at all. Its bass is up to par (the perfect mids and highs) at a more than sufficient volume, with a normal phone at full blast and the headphones at full blast there is no distortion when listening to a quality song and the sound they emit is really good.

When we connect to the phone through the jack we appreciate an improvement in the sound (noticeable especially at high volumes) that is also appreciated since they can be connected to any player and the best of all is that the cable it brings is one of those that is not they roll up on their own and that’s fine.

In the conversations section, the sound we perceive is very good (it would be necessary to see how they are heard with music) and the sound that the listener perceives is very good, I have been told that it is not as good as that of the telephone if we speak very quietly but that, when we speak normally, it is received perfectly and with very good fidelity.

Final assessment

It is difficult for me to describe what I have felt with these helmets, a device of 36 euros (current price on MobileFun) that makes everything perfect. From interference-free sound to great conversations with more than enough battery life for a «fanatic.»


  • Portable and with bluetooth connection.
  • Unmatched quality / price for a device in this category.
  • Long-lasting battery with enough autonomy for several days.
  • Perfect retro-style finish that fits perfectly on any head with its adjustable earmuffs.
  • The microphone is not visible but it works perfectly.
  • It can be transported in the box.
  • Remarkable speaker quality.


  • Diameter a bit fair for larger ears
  • Difficulty connecting the headphones according to the instructions in the manual and with instructions in English

SCORE: 5/5


I do not know exactly why section to value these headphones, the sound, the connection, the conversations and the design are perfect and for that reason I have to give it a deserved score of 5 points since there is nothing to highlight in terms of problems. The only con I can comment on is that these headphones have a slightly small speaker diameter for larger ears but that is something that happens with many helmets of this size.

There is not much to talk about MobileFun, everything has gone perfect, because of my dealings with the store and the amount of products I have bought, nothing has gone wrong, everything arrives perfect in record time and at a very good price that I cannot find in other «reliable» stores. If you liked the Avantree Hive Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Here is the link to the store so that you can buy them directly, you will not regret it if you are looking for something like that and an adjusted price.

If you want more information on the official Avantree website you have everything you need to know about the headphones (I think nothing escapes me and on the website you can see it in English). From now on when I see the brand Avantree I will know what it is synonymous with quality at reasonable prices. We never stop to think about it too much but most of the products describe and help us to perfectly recognize the brands to know whether or not we should really buy a device from that house in the future.

Here in the end I leave you the video with the review in video that in the aspect of configuration and dimensions is much better appreciated, it is advisable to take a look.

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