Review: Tacens Symphonia

Latest from Tacens has reached Electrorincon and he dies wanting to tell you the feelings he has transmitted to us. The Tacens Symphonia are some vibrating speakers (they transmit sound through the surface they meet). Let’s proceed to examine them and what we found.


  • Convert any solid surface in a 360 degree vibrating speaker (Vibratory sound waves react differently depending on the surface used, generating different sound effects).
  • Clear and defined sound with a frequency range of 45 Hz to 20 KHz and powerful bass.
  • Battery Built-in lithium battery (USB rechargeable).
  • Reduced size and great ease of transport (ideal to carry it in your laptop bag).
  • Connection USB plug and play and card slot TF / MicroSD.
  • High quality aluminum housing.
  • Autonomous reproduction of MP3 and WMA.
  • 4 W power.

Thanks to the collaboration with Biomag, we will start here the review of the new Tacens Symphonia. Until now, I had never dealt with these types of devices, but the truth is that the experience really left me astonished. He is the older brother of the Tacens stridor, which it far exceeds.

Visually it looks nothing like classic computer speakers, with its little sizeBefore testing it, I doubted that it could greatly outperform the speaker quality of most notebooks.

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This speaker transmits sound through solid surfaces amplifying the sound by vibratory waves (depending on the type of surface used we will experience different sound effects and a different performance) and from there, the transmission of these to the air, creating a surround sound.


Let’s proceed to review, through photographs, the complete experience of this small speaker.

Outer Wrapping

We find the classic Tacens twilight, dark and simple box with the name of the product and the characteristics in several Languages device (among them is Spanish).

Inner Wrapping

When we open the box we find a clear order, the Handbook instructions above (a bit basic) and between foam we find in a compartment the USB Cable (1.5 meters long) used to recharge the device on the one hand, and on the other, to connect it to the PC via USB and recharge it and it even has a Jack to connect it to the headphone output of any device. In the other compartment we find the speaker.

Instructions for use

The Tacens Symphonia has a functioning very easy:

  1. We connect the USB cable to recharge the device.
  2. We remove the sticker that brings in the back since the Sypmhonia clings to surface for grip and performance (we keep it to be able to put it back in place to take care of the contact surface and that kind of glue). Over time, the speaker may stop sticking perfectly due to dirt. For clean itSimply stick and remove tape or tape or give it a little water with your finger.
  3. We place the loudspeaker in the surface chosen.
  4. We select in the speaker switch IN (Headphone output) or TF (Card).
  5. We enjoyed the sound emitted.

Device interface

The Tacens Symphonia is a speaker Elegant and simple, even so, it is still complex inside. On the side of the device we find:

  • Groove for TF or Micro SD cards.
  • Connection for USB (Which is used to charge the device).
  • Switch of selection.
  • Control of volume and track selector (which is used to reproduce the inserted cards since it has autonomous MP3 and WMA playback).


The manual shows us its main functions, instructions for playing music and information on how to load it.

Of what does not inform It is about the way in which the lower adhesive should be treated, the instructions for its use on surfaces, the recommendations for optimal performance and the necessary care. A point of great deficiency if someone meets him for the first time and does not know what this device is worth. I also notice that the charging instructions, how long the battery lasts, etc. are missing.


Unfortunately, from here you will not be able to appreciate the quality Of the device. But to be opening mouths I tell you:

On a wooden surface of more than 1 square meter I have observed a optimal performance. On this type of surface the distortion is minimal and the bass is powerful enough. Its sound far exceeds that of most speakers found in notebook computers.

When this works, a Blue led It indicates that it is working and another red LED will light only if we are charging the device.

Tests on different surfaces

I have tried various surfaces, it does not matter the type (wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc.). Depending on the surface, the sound may vary, it is fun to try it on different surfaces until you find the ideal one (it is recommended that it is not too thick or that you are holding a very solid object since it will greatly reduce its vibration). We will find clearer or more bass sounds.

The surfaces I have tested are:

  • Wood: Optimal performance
  • Marble: Bad performance
  • Glass: Good performance
  • Plastic: Good performance
  • Aluminum: Regular performance

Final assessment

As a loudspeaker, the Tacens Symphonia perfectly fulfills its role. Its 4W of power is enough to vibrate most surfaces and produce a surround sound with powerful bass.

His lithium battery allows it to be used anywhere, being able to stick it on any surface. If you have it, feel free to try it on metal, wood or plastic.

Its price just exceeds the 20 euros and its quality is amazing.


  • Good quality sound with powerful bass
  • Standalone MP3 and WMA player
  • Portable size
  • Spectacular aluminum finish
  • Price quality
  • Innovation


  • Need to have a much more detailed manual.
  • High distortion at maximum power

SCORE: 4/5


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