RUT Traffic Fines in Chile – Online Consultation and Payment – Simple Guide

Everybody Chilean citizens must carry the Unique Tax Certificate, known by its acronym as RUT, offers information about anyone. Which is very useful to carry out legal procedures in any area in that country; this service is offered directly by the civil registry.

Now, when we do not comply with the rules or violate the application of them in our lives as citizens, we are usually punished or sanctioned by competent entities in the respective matter, therefore a formal and due contribution must be made, which is explicitly contained in the content of the legislation.

Therefore, when we are driving our car sometimes we forget these elementary rules that are directed for the good of the citizens, in order to avoid accidents or any other major disaster when driving in front of the wheel. Although if we do not comply with the respective regulations, we know we will get a ballot which tells us how much we must pay as a penalty for failing to comply with the law.

So when a traffic officer makes us stop the car for any possible reason, you can most likely be fined with an infraction that can range from defects in the vehicle such as failure of lights, flat tires, etc; also for aspects such as speed, passing a red light, omitting traffic signals, etc …

Here then the officer issues a fine where specify the reason for it and record the license plate number of our vehicle. But it does not enter the amount to be paid, therefore we will explain how to consult the value of these infractions easily from the web.

Road signs

What are RUT traffic fines?

RUT traffic fines are those that the citizen is obliged to pay as a way to pay back the infraction or damage to the State, thus enforcing the law. The cost of said fine varies according to the offense committed (slight, serious or very serious) and this will be reflected in the Single Tax Registry (RUT), it is generally canceled via electronic transactions, and carrying a series of requirements.

What problems does accumulating RUT traffic tickets cause?

Depending on the number of fines you have and the time that has passed since the infraction, many harmful things can happen to you if you continue to evade payment.

One of them is SeclusionIt is a severe measure, but the judge can rule that you spend a day or night deprived of liberty, although it is not very frequent it can happen. Also, if you are to commit offenses regularly, this possibility increases.

They can also retain your licenseIn case you are caught committing another offense, the corresponding authorities request your documents and retain your driver’s license and then summon you to a judicial process where you challenge or accept the fine. In this trial, an amount to be paid is dictated and the license is not returned until the payment of the fine is demonstrated.

Not being able to renew the registration certificate of your vehicle until you have canceled the fines and cost increase in fines are other consequences that we can avoid paying on time.

It affects the credit history

The fines will not affect the credit history of the person, however, anyone can investigate in the system their history of penalties and traffic fines.

Consult RUT fines from the Chilean Civil Registry web portal

If you were sanctioned by traffic officers when you were behind the wheel of your car, but you do not know how to check how much to pay, then you need to comply with the following indications

  1. You must enter the official website of the civil registry
  2. View the part that says record of fines
  3. Click there and a new tab will appear
  4. In the window that he opened enter the number of your RUT and registration
  5. Finish filling in this form and send it to upload your information
  6. Already in this tab you can see all the fines that have been designated in your name (both you pay and those you have to pay)

Here you can see in detail the information of all your fines, the date on which they were made, the amount you must pay, the reason for the violation, among other information.

RUT traffic fines in Chile

Select “record of fines”

In the main menu of the page, and thus obtain the list of pending fines that are associated with your RUT.

Enter your RUT

In the box that appears on the screen, we enter the RUT number that we want to verify.

Enter your license plate

In this box we indicate the registration number of the vehicle, it is important to fill in all the data in order to start the search.

Finally you can see the fines charged to your name, the amount you owe and what has already been paid.

Where can I make my payments?

On the other hand, once you know all the specific information about your fines, payment is necessary and mandatory of the same, since failure to do so may have consequences that affect other matters, for example if you are going to apply for a bank loan, or if you want to buy on credit, when reviewing the data in your RUT it will be very likely that your application will be rejected; therefore you must cancel these debts, it is very important.

Although to agree to pay you must logically think that at physical transit offices it is possibleWhat you should know is which one to go to, because where you were fined is where the payment is. That is, the office closest to the place of the offense.

policemen inspecting drivers

Can RUT traffic fines be paid online?

It is also possible to pay the debt through the internet, through PagoRUT or BancoEstado, but this depends directly on the severity of the fine and the place where it was committed; This is due to the fact that in some parts of the country it is not allowed to cancel virtually, and also, if the fault is considered serious, it is not feasible to do so by applying this method either.

What are considered serious fines?

Fines in Chile are classified into several categories and depending on these are the consequences in addition to the price of their respective payment.

Minor fines:

  • Do not give way to emergency vehicles
  • Driving in reverse for a long time on a street
  • Not making proper use of lights

Serious fines:

  • Driving with a mental disability
  • Exceed speed limits
  • Not having your own license

Fines that are too serious:

  • Driving while intoxicated, under drugs or narcotics
  • Do not stop at stop sign
  • Pass a red light

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