Slamming, Avoid Getting Scammed – How to Recognize It’s a Scam

How avoid being scammed with slamming it is something we must learn today. In this new digital and technology-filled era, the amazing world of telecommunications has become almost everything, and that brings with it many consequences that we wish we could ignore.

Thanks to telecommunications is that we can join from long distances, but that is just the beautiful side of this majestic company that only seeks to profit. Many users are victims of Slamming, harming them to a great extent; if you want to avoid it, keep reading.

What is Slamming and how can it harm you?

In the handling of data that we offer to our operators, there are fraudulent actions where their privacy is lost. This sounds illegal, but it really is. Slamming it is a practice carried out for profit motives, and ends up harming many.

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It usually happens between telephone operators, where a change or transfer of a client from one operator to another occurs, and all this is done without the consent of said client.

That is, it is something illegal that the client does not find out at the time. But you may wonder why telephone operators do this, and the answer is simple.

avoid being changed operator

Clients are usually changed this way for the simple reason of changing your plan, so that you spend more, or it can also be to change the owner to a telephone line.

And this has serious consequences. For example we can put Claro. A client of this operator can register in the Claro Música application using their telephone line.

You should know that this application is downloaded to listen to songs, with the help of Claro’s plans; In case of Slamming, that client You will not be able to access Claro Música for this reason

How to recognize if I am being scammed

To recognize a Slamming situation we must take into account several things that, although they seem small, are changes that indicate a change of company.

One of the first signs is to stop receiving service from the company to which you are affiliated, you can lose the connection and as soon as you contact the operator they will notify you that the line has been transferred to another company telecommunications.

Also, you could receive messages of an informative nature that are not related to your company or it is possible that receive a payment invoice from another telecommunications organization.

How can I avoid slamming

Due to all this, it is best to start taking action against it, avoid being changed operator to avoid being a victim of a scam. Normally we are indirectly responsible for this kind of thing happening.

However, we are not entirely to blame, but it is the ambition and wanting more money from the telephone operators. In this way, they profit and we lose money, which in some cases can represent a large amount.

And is that usually we are more aware of whether our phone is released for any operator, than to worry about the important thing: not being the victim of a scam and plot between the telephone operators.

In the case of Mexico, it seems that mobile phone users They are more concerned to see the coverage map of Telcel, Movistar, AT&T and unefón, than to apply some measure to avoid being a victim of scam with Slamming.

That is, the first thing you should do to prevent rip you off with slamming is to be aware of it, and of the possibility that it happens to you. After this, we do recommend following some precautions.

what is slamming

As already said before, the first thing you should consider is the possibility of being a victim, and that this can happen to you as any user.

Once this is understood, it is that we are going to act before this possibility so that it does not happen to us, and if it happens to us, then we are not as scammed as it has happened in several cases.

Avoid giving personal data

It is important that you never give your personal information to the telephone operators, especially if it is your bank card.

Read emails carefully

In the promotional emails that you usually get when you buy a phone line there is dangerous information; you have to read carefully all this information and accept what you should and want to accept, but never approve without having read everything.

The offers that they come to you by message they are dangerous tooYou must bear in mind that any consent you make here will be taken as a yes for them to do what they want.

Check commercial proposals

It is important, when the proposals are in text (email, SMS) to read the terms and conditions carefully to know what we are accepting and what exactly they are offering us.

In the case of telephone proposals we must verify that the call comes from our operator current, as there are cases in which those who perform Slamming pose as executives of our company.

The Operators Game – Declares resounding ‘no’

Slamming providers often take into account any small accepted authorizations; that is they can twist your words in their favor to use them as an ‘acceptance’ to the change of service.

To avoid this, you must answer very firmly to questionnaires of change of company and if necessary, answer with a ‘no’ resounding, to make your decision look straight.

Review the invoice data

What’s more, you should always be attentive to bills and see from which company it was issued, so you don’t change operator.

slamming avoid being scammed or changed operator

How can I get my money back when I have been scammed?

Once the illegal change of company is made, you are not obliged to pay during the first thirty days that follow; However, if you have already paid the invoice and later realized the unauthorized change, you should know that the company that performed the Slamming is legally obliged to pay your authorized company 100% of the services you have paid, plus an additional 50%.

Your legal company will pay you a refund of 50% of the services paid, and if you need to verify you can ask them to recalculate the accounts based on the rates they have.

One of the most effective ways is to go directly to or contact a Consumer protection institution in search of more concrete legal actions.

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