So you can recover deleted files on macOS for free

If you have deleted files by mistake in macOS You will surely find them in the Trash but many of us here have this bad habit of emptying the Recycle Bin every so often. Luckily for you, this time we would like to explain how to recover files deleted by mistake in macOS although the following tutorial and program also works for Windows 10 without any problem.

This program allows you to recover files deleted by mistake on both macOS and external devices such as memory cards, USB sticks, etc. For this, we will use the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard program which can be used totally free. With the free version you can recover all types of files: photos, videos, music, documents, etc. but only up to 2GB. If you exceed this amount you can buy one of the different versions offered on their website. We are going with the tutorial where we will explain how the program works.

If for any reason this app gives you problems, keep in mind that it is not the only one that exists to perform this task. Remo Mac File Recovery is another option available to recover deleted files on your Mac. Its use is also very simple and recovering files is a piece of cake.

How to recover deleted or lost files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

The process to recover the files is quite simple, below we leave you with some images and explanations of how to carry it out. The first thing you should do is download the program from the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard website. Once you have it installed, both on Windows and macOS, the process is similar. Open it and follow these instructions.

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First of all, as you can see in the image, select the hard drive from which you want to recover the lost files. In this tab you will also find all the pendrives or SD memories connected to your PC. Click on the device you are going to use and click the Scan button.


In the case of macOS, in addition to asking you administrator permissions to open, you will have to Let load the Wu Yang software, just click the Allow button. It is totally safe, you will not have any problem with it.


Once you have passed this part, the program will begin to scan the hard drive or device that you have previously selected. You will see a lot of files since the program will start searching the hard disk for all those files that have been deleted but are still on the hard disk. You can use the left navigation bar and the Type button to choose the type of file you want to recover. In this case you can see that we have chosen to recover jpg images.

You will see all the files that the program has been able to find organized by name, by size and even by creation date. Select those files you want and then click on Recover Now. You can choose between recovering them locally (on your hard drive) or in the cloud (cloud) with an online storage service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

That is how easy you will have recovered all those files deleted by mistake on your PC. You didn’t expect it to be so easy, right? The truth is that with this EaseUS program the process becomes so simple that you will feel like a complete computer genius.


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