Solution: Bluestacks Installation Problems

Some time ago I published a video on my channel in which I explained how to install WhatsApp on Windows 7 with the help of Bluestacks, the tutorial was very clear but people are having a lot of questions. problems and for this reason I have decided to make this small article about the most common problems when it comes to install the android emulator.

The most common problems are:

  • «No APP Found please check your network connectivity» – This problem means that it does not detect your Internet settings correctly. You can try to download the application from an alternative server and install it or check your connection.
  • «This Application requires at least 2 GB of Physical memory» – This means that your PC does not have enough RAM, to enjoy Bluestacks you must have this amount of RAM, you can expand it or be outraged. Normally this happens in netbooks that do not have enough memory because they usually have 1 GB.
  • «Error 2500» or «Bluestacks currently doesn’t recognize your graphics card it is possible your graphics Drivers. may need to be updated. plase update them and try installing again» – There is a problem with your graphics card. To solve this problem you may have to update the drivers (if you have very old ones), install them (if you don’t have them) or (if you have followed these steps) change your graphics card because yours is not compatible .

I hope that with this article you will solve some of your doubts since there are many comments that I am receiving with these problems.


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