Solution: Error ‘AIP-701’ of my Netflix Account on Android and Smart TV – Quick and Easy Solution

Watching our favorite series and movies is something we normally do every day, so we certainly want there to be no inconveniences when trying to do so. And although we can assure that Netflix is ​​a high quality platform, sometimes we can run into problems when using it. That is why in this article we show you the solution to the error ‘AIP-701’ of your Netflix account on Android and Smart TV In a simple way.

Netflix is ​​an important part of the lives of millions of people around the world, and it is understandable, since it offers hours of quality entertainment. If for one reason or another you have problems when trying to use this platform, do not worry, because it surely has a solution. Here we show you a quick and easy solution so you can eliminate the AIP-701 error in your Netflix account.

What does the ‘AIP-701’ error mean on your Netflix account?

Many can assure that downloading and installing Netflix is ​​an excellent decision, since with this wonderful platform you can enjoy all your series and movies in a practical way. But, of course, it should be noted that as with any other application, not everything is exactly perfect.

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Over the years a number of people have had some really common mistakes when using their Netflix accounts, and one of them is the famous ‘AIP-701’ error. That may be your case, and you don’t know how to react to this problem. But before looking for a solution, we first ask ourselves what this error implies.

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Well, it is presented on the Netflix screen followed by the message below: «We are having trouble playing this title at this time. Please try again later or select another title.» Please point out that we cannot open a certain movie or series, and the error may be caused by a bad internet connection or unstable. A bad internet connection can also make Netflix not allow you to download series or movies.

Solution to the error ‘AIP-701’ of your Netflix account on Smart TV

If, when trying to watch something on Netflix on your Smart TV, you find this error, we encourage you to follow the advice that we give you below to solve the problem. For starters, you can try restarting the Smart TV or by logging back into Netflix, as sometimes the simplest options are the most effective.

You can also try investigating if your internet network allows streaming, since not all of them have that option due to their limited scope. The Netflix error AIP-701 is caused by problems with the internet, so you should also try improve Wi-Fi quality or data connection and even reboot the router.

Another effective option is to connect the Smart TV to the internet router if you have one at home. On the other hand, if you have configured your internet connection in a personalized way, try restoring the Custom settings. For example, avoid connecting over a VPN.

Solution to the error ‘AIP-701’ of your Netflix account on Android

It should be noted that this error commonly occurs in televisions, consoles and multimedia players, especially in brands such as Toshiba, LG, among others. But, of course, if it shows up in your android device there are ways you can fix the problem.

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Mainly, take care to check the network connection. If the one you are currently using is unstable, you can connect to another to improve the situation. You can also try restarting the device, removing the Wi-Fi connection and re-entering it, or restarting the internet router.

On the other hand, you also do well to exit your Netflix session and start it again, or even delete the app and install it again. We encourage you to try this if you come across him error ‘AIP-701’ in your Netflix account on Android.

You may also find yourself at some point with the Netflix error «Your device is not compatible with this version», but as you can see, all these errors have a solution if we propose it. We hope you can take advantage of this guide and solve the Netflix error «AIP-701» without any problem.

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