Solution if the special keys of my ASUS laptop do not work

Most of the laptops or netbook incorporate into their keyboard a large number of special keys which are normally pulsed by a combination of a special key (usually the FN key) and the various keys on the keyboard.

The problem is when you reinstall the operating system, change it or have uninstalled various programs on your PC and these keys don’t work. To solve this problem you just have to install the ATK drivers, also called Hotkey Utility (depending on the brand it has a different name).


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I have been able to try several brands, right now I have downloaded the ones from an ASUS and I only had to access the download website of the asus, download the ATK of the specific model, install it and ready.

Not all brands incorporate this type of keys, especially they are used in ASUS and in Toshiba. Some of these keys may work for software and others for hardware (normally the brightness keys usually work without installing these drivers).


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