Solution: ‘My Cell Phone Resets or Locks When I Connect the Headphones or the Charger’

Humans we are more interconnected than ever, and everyone has a way by which they can communicate with their neighbors immediately and quickly. For this, cell phones were created. These important gadgets help us stay connected to the rest of the world.

They work under the concept of sending information Through electromagnetic signals, which are captured by the telephone. These signals have a great variety of information which is of vital use for the user who owns the device. These signals are distributed by a SIM that has a physical phone number. However, you can learn how to get a virtual phone number.

This information it can be very varied, but phones usually do a good job of keeping it safe. However, there are always people trying to plant malware on our devices with every time we connect to the internet. That is why it is important that you know how to improve privacy on Android phones.

Too, software aspects need to be considered. People should always know how much information they have stored on their phone, and know if their operating system or whether it is 32 or 64 bits keeps up with the demands of the user. Therefore, it is very important to differentiate when a phone starts to fail due to hardware or software, such as the times it gets hung up on the logo.

disarmed phone

What things can I physically connect to my phone?

Well, people today they have two ports on their phones which are seen in the first instance. These are the charging ports, which allows the phone to be connected to the wall in order to extract energy from it and fill the battery, which keeps it working without the need to be connected to anything once charging is finished.

People too can be connected through an input type ¨Jack¨, which is how the end of the audio transmission cables, which is usually at the bottom of the phone, is determined, headphones which are almost always provided by the same phone vendors.

What other ports does my phone have? Can I use them?

In addition to the two previously mentioned, which are mainly used every day by cell phone users, phones have a series of ports which do not seek to meet user needs but rather the needs of the user. needs of the same device.

For example, if your phone has the capability to be remove the battery cover, you will be able to access the compartment that is below it. This compartment is where developers leave space for people to insert different types of chips that help the phone work.

One of these chips It is the SIM Chip. This is a card that connects to a telephone service and allows the user to remain connected to the mobile network, which facilitates the calls, data and messages that the telephone uses. Also, there is a space in which you can insert an SD memory card, which is always mini size. This serves to expand the size of the storage.

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What happens when my cell phone restarts when I connect headphones or the charger?

This is a problem which is quite serious. This is because the phones we use every day are manufactured in very specific places, which require that the devices be created under certain quality conditions, which ensure a positive experience for the person who is going to buy or receive that phone. .

These specifications indicate that all electrical circuits and parts of the phone need to have a very strong and rigorous security controlBecause at these points the phone can catch fire or create a spark.

In the event that the screen of your phone turns off completely when you connect either a pair of headphones or your charger, you are contemplating a very serious problem that can damage your phone, because in some of the internal parts of this a short circuit is being created, and you need to take it to a technician to fix it.

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