Solution to Error: ‘Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code’ on Samsung, Huawei and Android

It is important that everyone we are constantly connected and permanent. This is because we are human, we are made to communicate and distribute information, as we are social animals.

Thanks to this need to communicate, our lives each day began to turn more techno-dependent. Nowadays, humans need a technological device for 90% of the activities that they carry out in their day to day, since we use technology from when we make coffee, until when we turn on the stove and heat a pan.

This use of energy and technology allowed the human being to improve As it distributed its cities, it allowed people to see beyond the night and when the wind did not allow to light fires, and with the passage of time, humans learned how to carry that energy in a portable way and everywhere.

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The batteries allowed people to carry energy everywhere, and almost immediately they began to be used to improve people’s lives. Little by little, it was achieved that several devices had autonomy and could work on their own. These are cell phones, which work with a telephone network.

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What is a cell phone and a telephone network?

These are small devices, which have been of great importance to our society. For example, without a doubt we can tell you that you are reading this article from one. These devices have the ability to connect through various wireless signals with each other and with other devices of other types.

Your telephone has several ways of being identifiedsuch as your MAC address, your IP address, or your IMEI. The latter is very important, so we recommend that you learn how to identify the IMEI number of your phone, and know why your cell phone has two of these.

Phones are usually are connected to a telephone network, This is the one that manages the information traffic in the area. All phones can be connected to this network through a special chip that is given to you when you acquire your number, which is the SIM card.

What does the telephone network do with my phone?

These manage how information is distributed, Well, the SIM cards of our phone are connected to giant antennas that we can see when walking through the city. These antennas are controlled by the present telephone company, and this also provides the infrastructure in which millions of telephones can be interconnected.

Network can be presented in different ways. The main one is 3G, which is the upload and download speed standard for telephone companies. However, these days it is common to use 4G networks in areas of difficult coverage, therefore you can force the 4G mode on your phone in those areas where the conflict between 3G and 4G are present.

The cellular company and the Google Playstore they are two different entitiesTherefore, not all cellular devices have the PlayStore, this is not a condition for not having it, since it is very easy to download the Playstore on any phone with Android system,

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How to fix the «connection problem or invalid MMI code» for Samsung, Huawei and Android?

This is a problem which is rare. Its main causes are problems that you may have with the connection between the company that distributes the cellular network and your computer. However, there are some things that can affect the SIM in a negative way, and therefore give you the same problem.

This problem is very annoying, because people can’t use their SIM card during this time, which renders the phone almost useless. However, there are two very important things that people can do to fix it.

The first is to turn off the device, give it a few minutes to rest well and then remove the SIM and clean it, so that when it is reinserted it does not have any contaminants in contact with the phone. Another solution is to go to Options, then go to Network Connections. Once there, we will select the Mobile Networks section.

Once in this menu, we will see the option «Network Operators». We will select the correct operator, and we will repeat the process a few times to ensure that it has worked.

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