Solution to error: We were unable to copy your files. Please check your USB device and the selected ISO file and try again.

If you want to install Windows 7 or Windows 8 from USB you can use Windows 7 to USB tool (an official MS tool). This tool allows you to insert the Windows image to a USB or CD with a couple of clicks.

The problem comes when the program gives you the error «We were unable to copy your files. Please check your USB device and the selected ISO file and try again.«. This error occurs when your USB stick already has something in its MBR that won’t go away.

What could this be due to? For example, because you had a Linux distro installed with LiLi, etc. The solution to this problem is very simple:

We will clean the MBR with the Windows DiskPart tool. To run DiskPart press the shortcut (key Windows + R) and enter the command DiskPart in the box

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Once inside we enter the command list disk and the system hard drives will be shown to us (we observe the size of the usb hard drive and select the USB one, make no mistake and delete a system partition), in my case we will choose Disk 2 of 4GB.

To choose the disk we will enter the command select disk # (and instead of the pad we enter the number of the chosen disk, in my case it would be like this select disk 2). Once selected, enter the command clean.

After it cleans we enter the following commands to create a new partition:

  • create partition primary
  • select partition 1
  • activate
  • format quick fs=fat32
  • assign
  • exit

And we will have our USB as new, once these steps have been carried out you can try again and you will see how this time it works the installer and you can install Windows 7 or 8 from USB.

If you have problems with these steps, please comment.


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