Solution: Virtualbox cannot access the kernel driver

After installing YouWave (highly dangerous program for VirtualBox) the Oracle emulator (before Sun) has stopped working. The error message it gave was the following:

Cannot access the kernel driver! Make sure the kernel module has been loaded successfully.

Cannot access the kernel driver!

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I thought it would be a complicated error to solve and I decided to reinstall the program (it didn’t work) and googling a bit I found out how to solve it, it’s very simple:

  • We have to go to Bluestacks installation directory, in my case: C: -> Program Files -> Oracle -> VirtualBox -> Drivers -> Vboxdrv
  • Right click on VboxDrv.inf (in the event that you do not put the extension, keep in mind that it will be the icon that has a leaf with a single large gear) and give the option Install.


With this you will solve the problem and VirtualBox will work perfectly. Use Bluestacks and put aside YouWave if you normally use VirtualBox since they are totally incompatible and give numerous problems.


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