Spotify: Where the Songs are Saved on My Mobile

Spotify is one of the streaming music platforms most important in the world. This popular application has evolved in the best way over the years, getting millions of active users in different parts of the planet.

The platform houses the complete discography of thousands of bands and artists who have wanted to host their songs in one of the main apps focused on this field. It is important to note that currently Spotify handles more than 70% of music content in streaming mode.

There are also other important companies such as Youtube Music, Deezer or even Soundcloud, but none of these possess the scope and renown that Spotify has managed to harvest in the music industry in recent times.

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But before we talk about the great success of Spotify today, let’s do a brief review of its beginnings as a program. This platform was officially launched on the market at the end of 2008.

Its main audience at that time was the European market since it was not until the following year when the company decided to expand to other sectors, countries and even continents.

It is, over the years was getting respect and recognition in the market to the point that currently Spotify has a good number of record alliances with the strongest companies in the music sector.

Some of the clearest examples can be Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, Interscope Records and other labels. All these greats from the music industry.

Spotify is currently fully available in 79 countries and according to a recent count it is estimated that around more than 500 million people They are registered as active users on the platform.

So Spotify overthrows its closest rivals like Soundcloud and Youtube Music in this way, but not just those apps but the piles that are on the market.

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There is no doubt that within the main reasons why Spotify has been so successful there is its qualities and characteristics, its elegant interface and its simple and fast functionality and modality.

Achieving in this way to widely differentiate itself from other streaming platforms that are in the market.

Next we will tell you more about the various tools and services that Spotify offers to its users, in addition to its main qualities and characteristics.

Without further ado, follow us and find out all the details, information and data related to this incredible streaming music platform.

Features and qualities of Spotify

Among the main qualities and characteristics of Spotify that we can mention is its interesting search algorithm.

This one, which according to your latest reproductions of albums and songs will give you new recommendations focused on your respective tastes, letting you know artists and bands that are close to your musical circle.

Currently, new tools and services have been added to the apps of the iOS and Android systems. Now we can read the lyrics of our favorite songs in full, these will appear on the album cover when played.

Another interesting fact that you can get once you install Spotify on your mobile device or computer is that in addition to being able to listen to all kinds of albums and songs by your favorite artists and bands.

We can also listen channels focused on interviews and podcasts of all kinds of topics and content.

It is important to remember that Spotify offers its respective users 2 versions of the application for mobile devices and computers.

One of the versions is free and has a limited list of options and tools, while the other is the paid version. which has all the implements and functions that this streaming music platform can have.

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Where is downloaded Spotify music saved?

We know that Spotify is the perfect application to be able to listen to music calmly and anywhere, but you should know that when downloading music the same will be saved and will use the memory that is available in your phone.

If you have the paid version you can get the songs that you have downloaded in Spotify, in the folders of your mobile device.

Typically Spotify music is stored in the cache of your mobile phone, so in this way, you will be able to listen to the music only through the same platform.

The Spotify platform will only be able to read these types of files, since the download is done directly from there. This means that you will not be able to listen to the songs by any other means.

On Android

In order to see all the downloaded songs on your Andoid device, you must follow all the steps below:

  • First, you will have to go to the application of files and documents.
  • Next, you’re going to go to where it says ANDROID and then you go to DATA.
  • Then you will search, you will enter the «Files» folder.
  • Now, select «Spotifycache» and proceed to select the «users» option.
  • We will look for our username or «username» and finally we will get the LocalSync folder.
  • There you will find all your songs previously downloaded from the app.

If you have an Android, we recommend using an external SD card that contains at least 1GB of available memory, so your music will be saved on that memory card and you can use the internal space for other applications.

On Iphone

On iPhone devices the music downloaded from Spotify will be saved in a type of encrypted format, in a storage space on your device.

Many times when you need to download music but don’t have enough space for download, the same IOS vto free up space, what it does is erase the data that is stored and that is not used.

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Delete or delete downloaded music from Spotify

Just as we love to download songs to be able to listen to them later, we must delete some that we no longer listen to, since they make a nuisance and occupy a space where a new song can be.

You need to follow the steps below to quickly delete downloaded songs on your Spotify account:

  • The first thing you should do is go to Spotify and then open the library.
  • Select «Albums» or the playlists.
  • Downloaded songs will show a green down arrow.
  • Then select the album you want to delete and slide the down switch.
  • Now, you are going to select «Delete» and that’s it.

The music will now be deleted, so you can listen to these songs again you will have to do it online, that is, with an internet connection.

Too, We recommend clearing the cache or data of the applicationThis will completely erase the stored data. Nothing will happen to your Spotify account, it is simply to completely eliminate the songs and the «garbage» that accumulates.

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