Spreadsheets What are they, what are they for, and what are the best programs to create one?

For those who have a company or a business, it is vital to find more ways to manage them in a way fast and effective. And one of the tools that can undoubtedly facilitate the work of an entrepreneur are spreadsheets. That is why today we teach you about what are spreadsheets, what are they for and what are the best programs to create a.

What are spreadsheets?

You are surely wondering what spreadsheets are. Well, this useful tool could be defined as a digital sheet to organize numbers and information. It is an office tool that can be very useful for businesses and companies, since they always need to keep reliable accounts due to the large amount of data they handle.

What are spreadsheets for?

Using tables, rows, and columns, spreadsheets allow you to perform advanced math operations in the blink of an eye. In the cells that have these tables, you can add the necessary information to reach a numerical conclusion.

It is also perfect for having a better organization and making accounting work much more efficient. Plus, it’s great for graphing data that would otherwise just be a lot of confusing information.

Spreadsheets for accounting

Spreadsheets can also be very useful for teachers, teachers, and students. Since so they can organize easily information and data from their different evaluations. They have tons of features, and there are also spreadsheet templates that you can download from Google.

Parts and elements of a spreadsheet

Like all useful software today, spreadsheets have different parts or elements that make them unique. Here is a list of the elements of a spreadsheet, so that you know how it works.

  • Columns: they are identified with the help of letters in the order of the alphabet
  • Rows: can be identified with numbers, which can range from 1 to 1 048 576.
  • Cells: these are found between the rows and columns, and are identified depending on which row and column they are in, for example: B4 or D3.
  • Name box: these are the ones that identify each part of the spreadsheet.
  • Status bar: indicates the actions that have been carried out in any cell, row or column of the worksheet.
  • Formula bar: these give access to the cells in order to edit them.

What are the best programs to create a spreadsheet?

Being such a useful and widely used tool today, there are a wide variety of programs to create and edit spreadsheets. Here we give you a list of the best programs to create a spreadsheet quickly and easily.

Programs to make spreadsheets

  • Microsoft Excel: most Windows computers have this program, and it is to be understood, as it is one of the most popular and that is that in Excel you can create spreadsheets very easily. It is part of the Office package, which you can download from the official Microsoft website.
  • LibreOffice Calc: in this program you will be able to find different tools that will help you create an excellent spreadsheet, as well as being very easy to understand and use.
  • OpenOffice: it is a program of excellent quality, since it offers practically all the options of Microsoft Excel. In addition, it is also part of the Office suite, although it is not very well known; and therefore it is compatible with other Office programs. Thanks to this, you can import data from an Excel to an OpenOffice database, or convert an OpenOffice file to Microsoft Word.
  • Numbers: this program is available only for use on MAC computers, and offers excellent quality and speed options.

And if you also have a smartphone or tablet, you will surely be happy to know there is an app for Microsoft Excel available on the Google Play Store. In this way you can create all the spreadsheets you want from your mobile device. And if you don’t want to download any program, you can create spreadsheets online in Google Docs. We hope that all this information can be of use to you, both in your daily life and in your work.

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