Telegram Administrators: What are they and how to use them in Groups or Channels

From the beginning, Telegram has been very successful in the field of networks and the internet, and it is due to the fact that it has added to its platform novelties that are very attractive For the users. Telegram currently has a large number of people who use its platform every day and who have it as their main means of communicating with friends and loved ones.

One of the functions that seemed to please Telegram users the most around the world was the possibility of delegate administrators to groups and channels of the platform. This being a process that users can perform from the mobile application or from the Chrome browser, with Telegram Web.

Therefore, if you are a Telegram user, it is likely that you have certain doubts about the Telegram administrators. What uses do they have, what are they and what are their privileges when managing groups and channels? For this reason, here we will show you what you need to know about this topic.

What are Telegram administrators?

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Administrators in Telegram groups and channels are the in charge of ensuring good behavior within the certain channel. In addition to that they are in charge of promoting interaction between the members of the channel or group. Among some famous options, is to create surveys within the Telegram group.

privileges of telegram administrators in channels and groups

With this, it is possible to promote interaction and also to know what topics can be discussed and what the interests of the users are. In addition, the so-called administrators are those who can modify key channel factorssuch as name, number of members, and even deciding who can become a group manager to help you follow the direction you want for the channel.

Normally when these types of groups are used, it is because you want to be in contact with many people at the same time. And that they see the ideas and occurrences of the user. This is why a moderator is so important, so that the group does not fall into bad behavior, or situations that may damage the integrity of any participant of the group.

On the other hand, if you don’t want the buzz that being in a group can bring, you always have the option of speaking privately with your contacts. In addition, Telegram incorporates exceptional functions, which include the possibility of having secret conversations.

What privileges do Telegram administrators have?

A channel or group on Telegram is a very adequate way to satisfy your needs for interaction with other people, since you can do endless activities in them. In the particular case of administrators, they can do almost anything within the group, because they are the guarantors that everything works well and they are responsible for ensuring that everything is kept in order.

group administrator on telegram

Part of the privileges that administrators have within the channel include the power to add, delete or suspend the members you wantand. Because in Telegram groups do not have a limit of participants, an administrator can add as many people as he wants. This eliminates the worry that a new person may saturate the group.

Additionally, group and channel administrators have the possibility of generating a link-type invitation to send it to other users so that they can join the channel. In addition, they have the power to configure permanent or temporary prohibitions to certain members, which it will prevent them from sharing any type of content and messages. So the channel is limited to certain topics of the collective liking.

What are the functions of a Telegram administrator?

In addition to the traditional functions that allow them to adjust the aesthetic aspect of the channel according to the objectives, the most important function that administrators must fulfill in a Telegram group is based on maintain an adequate organization on that channel.

In order to achieve this goal, the channel administrator can use the option that allows appoint new administrators To the group. Each one will fulfill a specific function designated by the first administrator, so they can add new members, suspend members or even update the information that the channel describes. The administrator will only have the ability to delegate a maximum of 50 new administrators.

delete group admin in telegram

In addition, another of the functions that a Telegram administrator fulfills is to share comments on the content of other applications that they have decided to share on the channel. As well as the possibility of restrict participation to read only of the channel to those users who have violated the rules of coexistence in it.

What cannot an administrator of a group or channel do in Telegram

Beyond the limitation that the channel or group administrator has of being able to designate a specific number of other new administrators, there is no function that the Telegram administrator cannot execute. Well, the privileges and functions delegated to the administrator include all the aspects that include the channel or group sections in Telegram.

Therefore, once the administrator is appointed, he will have the possibility to do simple things, such as delete a message from another user for the whole group or receive the title of owner of the group by the founder of the channel

How can I add them to manage my groups and channels?

Adding an administrator is a simple process, but to have this possibility you must be the owner of the group, if you don’t have it yet, you can create a group in Telegram very easily.

admin uses of telegram

Once you have your group, you will have to add some participants the same; If you wish, you can contact the person you want to promote to administrator through the private chat. Then you will only have to stand on the profile image of the selected person for a few seconds.

Doing this will open a small box with various options. From here you can do several things, including changing the user’s permissions, so that they can only read and not write. As well as you can access the option to select a new administrator.

You will have to check the option that says ‘Promote to Administrator’ or you can also say something like ‘Appoint Administrator’. By doing this, the person will be promoted and will have the permissions and privileges that you have decided to grant over your group. Once you have promoted a member of the group to the administration, you can also transfer ownership of the group.

Something that you should always keep in mind is that once you transfer ownership of your group, the new owner can remove you from it. Because of this you must be quite selective and careful about who you promote, since all administrators can delete any member of the group and if they own the property, delete the group completely.

delete group creator on telegram

How to add the new Telergam functions to groups and channels?

Telegram is one of the messaging platforms that makes the most updates to its system periodically and the last one focused on add new features to channels and groups.

The new functions added include options such as a record of the actions of the group administrators within 48 hours that report if a participant has been blocked or if a new one has been added. They also allow access a member’s data of the list of participants in a simpler way, when entering the name of the same in the search engine.

These functions, along with the rest of the updates that were added to Telegram channels and groups, can be easily added by simply downloading the latest version of the application.

Steps to be an anonymous Telegram administrator

Anonymous mode is an option that can be activated by administrators of Telegram groups or channels so that your identity is not exposed to its members. With this mode activated, the administrator’s messages will not be subject to the address of his telephone number or his Telegram profile, but will have the name of the channel and will not appear in the list of participants, protecting the privacy of the user.

From the computer

  1. The first thing to do is enter the Telegram application from your computer or log in from the official website. Later you will have to select the group where you want to create an anonymous administrator.
  2. Now, you must click on the group’s profile photo or on its name to enter the configuration menu and select the ‘Manage Administrators’ section.
  3. You will have to select the member who will become an administrator or the administrator who you want to become anonymous.
  4. Lastly, you must activate the option that says ‘Be anonymous’ to grant this privilege to the administrator you have selected.

From Android or IOS

Despite the fact that they are two quite different operating systems in some respects, the functions that Telegram grants to users of Android and iOS devices they are the same. Therefore, to activate the anonymous mode of an administrator of a group or channel you must do the following:

  1. You have to enter the group in which you want to activate an anonymous administrator and later tap on the group name or channel to access settings.
  2. Now you must locate the profile of the administrator whom you want to make anonymous. When you find it, press and hold the profile to access the available options and select the one identified as ‘Edit Administrator privileges’.
  3. Finally you must activate the privilege indicated as ‘Be anonymous’.

On the other hand, in case the user you want to make an anonymous administrator is not already an administrator, the option that allows you to remain anonymous will be displayed among the privileges you grant to the group member to promote him to the channel administration.

group administrators on telegram

Is it possible to change the administrator of a group in Telegram?

This messaging application allows the owner of the group or channel to turn different members of the group into administrators of the group, giving each one different privileges as you see fit.

In this way, it is not only possible to change the administrator of a group in Telegram, but it is also possible to delete this category of the member or even limit the permissions you have if necessary. However, this type of configuration can only be carried out by whoever is the owner of the group or by an administrator who has the ‘Add administrators’ privilege among their permissions.

To do this, the administrator who has the role or the owner of the group, must enter the list of members of the group and select the administrator profile they want to change to access ‘Edit administrator privileges’. One time there it can be removed from the administration from the channel or be definitively expelled out of the group.

How to use the admin bot in Telegram? – Advantages of using it

The advantages that the use of a Telegram bot can offer go hand in hand with the function that each of these can fulfill. Since each admin bot has a different quality, each one then allows you to perform various specific actions, such as setting reminders, performing translations, playing games of different genres, and easily finding web content, to name a few.

In the specific case of Telegram groups or channels, a bot can offer advantages for facilitate sections and administration work in the same. It can be used to have content indexes in the channel, create links with the group’s address and also the possibility to block possible spam in the channel, to name a few advantages.

Using Telegram bots is simple, since by starting a conversation in the chat window of the same you will be able to enjoy its functions. In case you want to take advantage of a bot to manage a Telegram group or channel, you need to be an administrator or owner of it to be able to add it. Keep in mind that you must also have the specific name of the bot you want to add so that the Telegram search engine can find it.

The way in which you can take advantage of Telegram bots are simple, because it will be enough to have added it to the group or channel desired to perform its specific functions. Telegram bots have in their chat window the conditions that must be taken into account and the instructions that the user must follow in order to take advantage of the functions it offers.

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