Telegram forgot about BlackBerry but you can still install it

I understand that they say that Telegram is multiplatform and that it will be the service that can replace WhatsApp on all platforms but … What happened to BlackBerry? I do not understand very well that a native Telegram app for this operating system, the problem is due to lack of users.

There is not a market share so powerful that Telegram has noticed them but what many people do not know is that BlackBerry 10 (at least version 10.2) we allows to install Android applications in your operating system to avoid having to enjoy an incomplete catalog.

Blackberry Z10

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To install Telegram on BlackBerry the steps are quite simple if you know how to apply them to the letter.

First of all make sure you have one of the latest versions that if it allows us to install .APK files, otherwise you would have to convert them to applications in .Bar format with DDPB, the process is known as Sideload.

And you directly install it on your smartphone. It is quite simple since in BlackBerry they have decided that they needed get android catalog so as not to lose connectivity. The fall of WhatsApp has caused a massive collapse in the Telegram servers, it is clear that there has not been such a large migration in recent years to any other service.

Keep in mind that not all versions can work, but at least you won’t lose anything by trying. There are obvious reasons that Telegram is better than WhatsApp and with the purchase of the latter by Facebook, many are looking for good alternatives. I hope it helps you and, if not, you can always use the comments to expose your doubts.


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