Telegram vs Telegram X – Know their Differences and which is Best For You

Instant messaging applications have had significant growth Over the years, these represent a constant and fruitful evolution in the world of technology. Its success has been such that millions of people around the world communicate daily through these diverse and interesting applications and programs for all types of platforms and operating systems.

Within this wide list of applications and programs focused on instant messaging we can name a few that have come to have global recognition, thus achieving presence in various countries in different parts of the planet. Some of these successful apps that have achieved this remarkable distinction are Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Line and many more.

But without a doubt we have to talk about an application that has presented a great impact to users in the instant messaging app market in just a few years. We are talking about nothing more and nothing less than Telegram. Below we will tell you everything about this important and innovative App, in addition to some details, data and information related to it.

What services does the original version of Telegram offer us?

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It is an instant messaging application or platform launched on the market in mid-2013. Telegram was created and designed with the aim of presenting a quality service based on completely innovative and interesting tools and implements, thus offering the ability to fully exploit this interesting messaging application.

This app had a resounding impact on the market, quickly positioning itself at the same level as other important instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Telegram presented a giant increase in users on its platform as the years passed. For example, by 2016, Telegram already had 100 million users assets.

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Currently this imposing company has announced the incredible numbers that it has harvested until this year, 2021. Telegram recently commented, to be exact at the beginning of January, that its instant messaging platform already had nothing more and nothing less than 500 million active users, thus achieving the most important apps of the moment.

But it is important to clarify that this incredible success has a remarkable reason and it shows that Telegram meets the requirements to currently be among the top of the best instant messaging applications in the world, and even for millions of users, Telegram is considered the best app in the market, dethroning its direct rival, WhatsApp Messenger.

Telegram has a wide portfolio of tools, implements and services that not only come to be compared with WhatsApp but also surpass them in several important aspects. Through Telegram we can include ourselves in specific groups of various topics, we can join the one we like the most, from there you will find all kinds of completely interesting content.

There are their own channels that can help you through extremely useful tools. An example of this is the YouTube converter channel. Through this you can convert your favorite videos into MP3 files to be able to download and enjoy them without the need to connect to a network. This and many more services are present for Telegram users.

What is Telegram X?

It is a parallel project from the same Telegram brand. Telegram X has all the qualities and characteristics of the common Telegram app but its great difference is that it has a much more efficient, faster and faster operation than the original application. Despite these aspects, the original application is still the most used.

Telegram X is fully available on most platforms and you can download it from the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store. You can also get it from an alternative or third-party store.

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What are the differences between conventional Telegram and Telegram X?

The main difference is its interface, this allows greater customization as well as a much higher fluidity compared to the traditional application. That being said there are 2 features that stand out:

Fluency and gestures

As we had already mentioned, the fluidity in the X version is superior, part of this is thanks to the integration of screen gestures that allow you to perform various actions such as going back or taking snapshots in a very simple way without having to use the buttons on the phone.

Advanced features

An important feature is the implementation of PiP technology which allows version X users to watch videos while the application is running. In addition, a chats tab for calls and messages.

What other additional features does Telegram X have?

But the aforementioned is not all, there are several additional options available in version X that include features that more than one person will find extremely usefulThese include:

  • Fingerprint lock.
  • Put passwords to chats.
  • Use emoji packs not available in the regular version.

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Which of the two is better for my personal use?

Despite the excellent performance improved in Telegram X this has some limitations in compared to normal app. Some of these can be represented when sharing files or sharing photos and therefore in some cases it is not effective. Therefore, we recommend that you go by the common Telegram app in case you share files, which is much more complete.

However, if security is your thing and you enjoy a more fluid interface then you should opt for Telegram X.

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