The 10 best websites to watch series online for free

The Internet has ended up being a solution for everyone. There is no longer any doubt that it is worth it or a solution that does not exist, and today we bring you yet another option: we are going to suggest The 10 best websites to watch series online for free.

Now, there is also a condition on some pages: you need to use a VPN service. A VPN network offers you several advantages, among which are:

  • Pages may be regionally limited: If the website is hosted in the United States, for it to work you must connect to a server in that country through a VPN.
  • Encrypt your traffic and hide your location. No one will know that you have visited these websites, and you will do so safely.
  • Protects you from monitoring, so that they do not use your data for promotions or annoying advertisements.

Pluto TV, live and quality streaming

pluto tv

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Pluto TV is a live streaming platform, as if you turned on the cable service in your house and watched free programming. It has its own channels on different themes: drama, comedy, horror, real cases, etc. Some transmissions come in English and you can activate the subtitles, although in Spain almost everything is in Spanish. It works well and is easy to use.

It is not a page to search for a series by chapters, but you have to capture when that series is broadcast and watch it, like any other cable service, where you have to “search” for what you want to see. It is not a good option to search for a premiere series or movie, since most of the content is not new.

Visit | pluto tv

Sony Crackle, the best to watch series online for free

watch series online free sony crackle

Sony Crackle is considered the best platform to watch series online for free. Sony bought Crackle a short time ago and the good thing about this is that you have the entire Sony catalog available. Also, being from a serious company, the website is very well organized.

You can feel confident that it doesn’t have malware or other unwanted stuff by using it, but still you need a VPN connected to the United States to be able to enter. Another good news: you do not necessarily need to register to watch the series online.

Visit | sony crackle

Tubi TV, the best selection

watch series online for free tubitv

To enter Tubi TV, it must be with your email account, it asks you two routine questions and that’s it, you can now access a good selection of online series and movies. There are some series that are in English, some with Spanish subtitles and others with English subtitles.

You do not necessarily have to use a VPN connection, but it is recommended so that you can see all the content that it offers you. This portal is perfect to watch American series who were very famous.

Visit | tubi-tv

Seriesyonkis, for those addicted to free online series

er series online free seriesyonkis

others of the most popular portals to watch series online for free en Seriesyonkis, they have a great variety of current series as well as those that were very famous at the time. The truth is that the range to select from is impressive.

It also offers the series in Spanish, in English with subtitles in Spanish, Latin Spanish, etc. When you hit play, it may be that some other pop-up window with ads appears, close it and continue, nothing that makes the experience bitter.

Inkaseries, design and quality that hooks

watch series online for free inkaseries

Inkaseries is a very well-crafted portal. It has very good content organization and you get a wide variety of free online series. When you choose a series to watch, above you have a bar with language options and subtitles.

also has a very good section of recommendations and evaluations of the series. It is not slow in transmission either, so it is a portal of excellent quality.

Seriesw, many free online series

series seriesw

This portal is very good, it has many titles and you can also choose the language of reproduction and subtitles. The website is very well organized with menus so you can locate the series you prefer quickly.

It also has several servers to play what you want to see, choosing the best automatically so that the reproduction is the best possible.

Gnula, with HD quality

gnula series

Another website with good quality. Offers HD broadcasts. In the series menu they show you the language of the audio and the subtitle and you can filter them by those two characteristics, audio and subtitles. They have new titles and old famous series.

They also have an alphabetical bar where you can see the series they offer by selecting the letter that begins with the name of the series. Once you choose a series, offers you a list of servers to play them, with all the features: HD, audio language, subtitle, etc.

Popcornflix, for lovers of the classics

pop cornflix series

In Popcornflix you will not get new or recent series, it is the ideal portal for those people who love the classics in a wide variety of genres. The site is very well organized so you can take a look at their proposals very easily.

It has occasional ads, some quite strange, so it’s good to protect yourself with an ad blocker and antivirus. The transmission is fast and of good quality.

Seriespapaya, to watch series online in HD

papaya series

seriespapaya is a friendly portal with streaming in HD that offers you the best series of all time in several languages ​​and subtitles. You choose the series you want to watch and it presents you with a menu by seasons and chapters, where you can choose the audio and subtitle language.

It uses several servers that guarantee fast playback and also you can download your favorite chapters to your PC. It doesn’t require you to log in and if it has any ads it was blocked by the ad blocker so none appeared to us.

Seriesflv, current trend

series seriesflv

This Seriesflv website is a trend among users, they have both current and old famous series. You also have the option to download content. It’s a bit heavy with advertising, if you have an ad blocker better. You have to be careful with pages that open suddenly, they are false advertising.

It is a good option because brings various broadcast languages ​​and subtitles, but of all the ones we have reviewed, it is the one that invades the most with advertising, it can be a bit dangerous, you have to be careful.

Watch series online for free could not be easier. Each portal has its details but it is a matter of getting used to browsing them and you will get more programming than you thought. A detail: these sites fill the temporary files of both the browser and the PC and they slow them down quickly, so it’s good to keep an eye on deleting them. We can tell you that you enjoy your streaming.

DISCLAIMER: we are not responsible for the use you give to these websites. Many of these websites may have content protected by copyright, in which case you should not see it. What is totally legal is watching series on these platforms that are properly classified and legal for reproduction.


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