The 3 best alternatives to WhatsApp in the middle of 2021

With more than 2 billion users and present in more than 180 countries, WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging platform in the world. However, not everyone wants to use WhatsApp and many have started looking for alternatives. Why? It all started with the new WhatsApp policies, in which Facebook makes it clear that it wants to use some of your data to sell you advertising through its services. If you don’t want to accept them, nothing happens, but WhatsApp will reduce the amount of things you can do in the app (like the ability to call and even view your contact list).

In this situation, perhaps it would be good for you to know the 3 best alternatives to WhatsApp that people are using, both because of the number of users they have and because of the large number of functions they offer.

Telegram: the alternative to WhatsApp number 1


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If you’re wondering where everyone goes when they run away from WhatsApp, Telegram is that app. In fact, every day you enter you see new people going to Telegram. And it is that the app alerts you every time a new contact arrives. In addition, the main advantage of Telegram over WhatsApp is that allows you to open the app from your PC, or different mobiles, at the same time. Along with these two things, which are actually the most important (the one with the most users, and the easiest to use on different platforms), there are some things you would like to know about Telegram:

  • You can make calls and video calls.
  • Allows you to create groups and channels, much larger and more personalized than WhatsApp.
  • It gives you the option of pinning messages, and grouping them.
  • End-to-end conversations can be encrypted. This encryption is not activated by default as it does in WhatsApp (despite the fact that people think it is not).
  • It has a very easy-to-use interface, and very similar to WhatsApp (but a lot more customizable).

Telegram is an application that is scaling fast, it will quickly exceed the 500 million users it currently has. If you ask anyone for an application that impersonates WhatsApp people will give a quick answer: Telegram.

Download | Telegram

Signal: 100% privacy


Signal may not be as well known, although it already exceeds 50 million users. One thing is certain: the one who has it adores it. What stands out about this platform is that is 100% based on user safety, using endpoint encryption «Open Whispers Systems » very effective that decrypts any type of communication when it reaches the receiver. In fact, WhatsApp uses the same encryption as Signal. Among its most outstanding features are the following:

  • You can chat like in WhatsApp, by text, and send all kinds of multimedia files.
  • Allows you to create groups.
  • Allows you to make calls and video calls.
  • Can make your messages disappear after a while (although this is already done by Telegram and WhatsApp nowadays).
  • Photos and videos are sent under the very secure «Signal Messaging Protocol».

If you want one alternative to WhatsApp that is based on the privacy of your messages, you must try Signal.

Download | Signal

Line: a Japanese app with many functions (and many users)


Line is Japanese and it was all the rage a few years ago, now it is still popular but more in Asia than in Europe. His «Stickers» impressed a lot and it was precisely this that other apps copied from Line. The app has as many functions as WhatsApp, or even more, and due to the number of users it has, we never rule out that it may once again be a widely used option in Spanish-speaking countries. Line lets you do a lot of fun things:

  • Can you do video calls of up to 200 people (many more than WhatsApp, where the limit is 8 people).
  • It has a «timeline» similar to that of WhatsApp status, where you can share photos, videos and your current location.
  • It has a function called «Keep» where you can save messages, photos, videos and all kinds of things (something similar to the function of fixing Telegram messages).
  • It allows you to pay a lot of things from the app (although many of them only in Asia).
  • You can call phone numbers that do not have Line installed (paying a special rate).

And, how could it be otherwise, also use end-to-end encryption in your communications. Therefore, if you want a fun app, with many functions and even games, Line is your app although right now in Europe the previous two are being used much more.

Download | Line

Surely the choice is made according to the number of users in your environment who use it, since There is no use using the safest app if your friends are not using it (and they don’t want to go over to it). Remember that you can encourage your friends to use the app since some of them, like Telegram, even allow you to invite contacts who are not using it yet. In my case, a co-worker encouraged me to download Telegram and now it is my favorite app (and also that of many). All these apps are really easy to use, so the interface or adaptation will not be a problem.

Despite the fact that many people are fleeing from WhatsApp, following its purchase by Facebook, it will actually only use your data to show you ads, not to give them away or sell them (or at least they indicate so). Don’t forget that there are thousands of cybercriminals working to try to steal your data (and many governments trying to get apps to grant them access despite their encryption). Which app on the list did you like the most? Have you already tried any alternative to WhatsApp?


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