The Best Adventure and Action Games for Android and PC Free to Download

The Best Adventure and Action Games for Android and PC

If reading this article you are still in quarantine or have time to play, we recommend the best action adventure games for Android and PC free to download. So that you can have fun alone or with friends, we have endeavored to compile games that really give a positive contribution to your brain. Why did we mention it? We will explain it to you below.

The main function of video games

Really the main objective when entertaining ourselves with video games should be a healthy experience, that stimulates concentration, attention, creativity. That optimizes our response capacity; as well as improving leadership and the way we plan and create strategies.

All this contributes to us being better people while we have fun; however, there is a tsunami of video games whose purpose is to bring out the worst in us.

Bearing in mind that Action Games understand when the player uses speed, dexterity and reaction time throughout the plot. Adventure games are characterized by solving challenges, in which elements of science fiction, or mystery intervene; This facilitates our experience and speeds up our mental ability.

Regarding the aspects already mentioned, we have given ourselves the task of finding games that can fulfill this function, but that at the same time are not boring and, of course, we enjoy the pastime; without forgetting to configure and optimize the PC to enjoy them to the fullest. Are here the best action and adventure games for PC and Android ready to download.

The best games for Android

Mini Football: Very entertaining, simple and easy to play game that has 3 scenarios. Lucky shot It includes a precision test that the game gives you every so often, as you get it right, you get prizes. In the Tournaments We face various rivals to earn coins. In game mode Duel, you can challenge an opponent betting coins to win and improve, depending on the stadium you choose.

Typoman Mobile: You can download the game at uptodown for Android. It is adventure and action. Basically it is a character made up of letters in which we will help you build different words with letters that you will find on the way. You advance through multiple scenarios that simultaneously captivate you with its soundtrack that will keep you alert.

show the game scenario on android

Bullet league APK: It gives you all the thrill of battle royale games, captured on your device. It has received good acceptance among players, it has simple controls, fast games and a very original artistic style.

You can compete with real players (you can include up to 30 users); It also features 2D scenarios just like other Mario Bros-like games, large 3-minute games. A notable difference is the environments with vertical mobility, it allows to climb different platforms.

Action and adventure games for PC

Durango Wild lands: Although it is a game for Android, you can download it on the computer using an emulator. It is an excellent and entertaining survival adventure game.

It consists of managing a survivor as your avatar. It will allow you to move in a primitive world plagued by dinosaurs, the objective, create tools, collect herbs, cook and hunt dinosaurs to advance in various scenarios, its graphics are amazing.

Beyond Blue: This game does not need an emulator, as it can be installed without any difficulty. In it you will explore the deep settings of the ocean through the eyes of a scientist. His mission is to test a novel ocean lighting system, so we begin to discover the mysteries behind it.

reveal the environment in which the futuristic pc game takes place

Although we had several games left out, we hope that you will be able to install and enjoy them in the company of family and friends. The most important thing is, having fun without neglecting our mental health . And if we are parents we must be selective when it comes to entertainment. If you have the opportunity to download them, send us your experience and impression.

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