The Best App to Change or Put Faces on Another Body in Real Time – Face Swap Live

Today we introduce you the best app to swap or put faces on another body in real time – Face Swap Live, one of those basic but very entertaining applications to have a good time with your friends.

It is certainly possible to change the face in Photoshop, but the Face Swap Live application does it automatically and in real time. It may not offer the highest quality, but it can be very entertaining.

Face Swap Live the best application to change live faces

Possibly Face Swap Live is the best application out there to change faces in real time. In fact, it is the one we recommend the most if you want to have fun with your friends. In any case, if you have any doubts about how to use it, read this information carefully, but it is necessary to download it first.

best face mount application real time face swap live

Note that Face Swap Live is not free, to acquire it you will have to pay $ 1.99 (Although the price may vary depending on where you are). You can get the application directly by clicking on download Face Swap Live from the Play Store.

How to use the Face Swap Live application to change the face of two people in real time?

The most interesting of the Face Swap Live app is that it allows you to make the face change in real time. The application is very easy to use, but if you are a complete newbie read the following guide to learn how to use Face Swap Live and change faces with your friends.

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  • The first thing is to open the application, after opening it will show two basic options, in this case the objective is to change the faces in another body, simply click on the option “Change faces”
  • Check that the bottom right of the screen the option “Change” is enabled.
  • Simply click on the icon with the camera located in the upper right.
  • Once you have the camera ready, simply focus it on the people you want it to be. apply the effect. As you will see, the effect will be applied automatically.
  • In addition, the application allows you to take a photo or record a video and then send it to your contacts.

Perhaps one of the few features Face Swap Live lacks is the ability to turn a photo or face into a cartoon. Either way, there is also the possibility of mounting your face on someone else’s body.

Mount a face on the body of another with Face Swap Live (using a photo)

Keep in mind that the application has many functions, it is not only about changing the face between people. In fact, there is the possibility of mounting the face of one person on the body of another.

  • To make this configuration, open the application and select the option Change Faces, there press on “Faces”.
  • The application will allow you to add a base photo, simply click on “To import”.
  • After the above, the application will immediately mount your face on the image and you can take a photo or save a video.
  • If the face is not detected, you will have to do it manually, but this is not common.

face swap live

Other features of Face Swap Live

An interesting aspect of Face Swap Live is that you can also use the application’s default effects. Thanks to them, you can mount your face on celebrities, animals, or even completely change the features of your face.

To access these simply open the application and click on the option “Change faces.” At the bottom you will see faces just slide your finger and look for the effect that most attracts your attention. In turn, in addition to importing the photo as we showed you before, you can also search for photos directly from the Internet.

The above summarizes the options present in Face Swap Live, if these fall short, you can always choose to download the FaceApp application, a similar software but better for many. If you are still not convinced, with this application you can get old and change your sex, but it also has other very interesting functions.

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