The Best App to Record or Make Videos in Slow and Fast Motion on iOS and Android

Over the last few years, the evolution of cameras for mobile devices and terminals with Android and iOS operating systems has been incredibly abysmal to the point that there are cameras implemented in these mobile phones that are much more powerful than some digital cameras. This immense growth has represented new alternatives within its uses.

Day after day it goes on the market mobile devices that surpass their predecessors which have new tools, new services, new options and much more, not to mention the increased quality in qualities and characteristics of said terminals. Within these specifications there are quite interesting implements that go hand in hand with the phone’s camera.

These new implements adapted to the use of the camera of our mobile phone they are more and more interesting Within which we can denote some totally useful and innovative tools such as the focus mode that allows us to capture a person, a landscape or an object in the foreground or the beauty mode that allows us to erase imperfections from our face.

There is also the professional mode that gives the user of this phone the ability to customize a photo or video in its entirety. On the other hand, there are also tools much more focused on recording. Today we want to tell you about a very interesting one and which it is present in some phones, but not in others.

It is nothing more and nothing less than the tool or fast and slow motion mode. Next we will tell you everything about this useful and interesting tool implemented in some devices. We will also talk about how you can download it if you don’t have it. Read on and find out all the details around this incredible implement.

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What is the fast and slow motion option?

Let’s start by giving an example. Imagine that you are recording a long video with your mobile. If that’s what it is about, it is very likely that the most interesting parts of the video will be found much later and to be able to search for them you need to advance it little by little until you can find those moments, it is not difficult but there are easier ways to do it.

Here it is when we talk about the fast camera, this option allows you to make all kinds of recordings so that once you have finished it you can see all the video at a much higher speed, in this way you will be able to see perhaps minutes of video in seconds or hours of video in minutes, without a doubt a very interesting option.

On the other hand there is slow motion. To be super concise, this tool is widely used in sports that require pinpoint decisions such as sprinting or even car racing. Thanks to this implement we will be able to slow down the speed of the respective videos that we have recorded, getting to see everything much slower.

What are the best Apps to record or make videos in slow and fast motion on iOS and Android?

Unfortunately this option not implemented on all mobile devices, but do not worry. There is a large number of great applications for Android and iOS terminals, which we can download without any problem or inconvenience from the Play Store or the App Store, as well as from an alternative or third-party store.

Filmr App

It is one of the best applications found on the market to be able to implement the slow motion or fast motion tool. It is available for Android and iOS mobile phones and is completely free in stores such as Play Store or App Store. Another very interesting fact is that it is free.

fast camera


When we talk about KineMaster we talk about one of the apps most recognized on Android mobile devices. It has been on the market for a long time and has always been recognized for the ease it provides when used. It is one of the most downloaded tools in its field thanks to its extensive menu of options and tools.


Without a doubt, this app is considered one of the best options for Android and iOS terminals. FilmoraGo has a large portfolio of options when editing a video. You can slow down or speed up your recordings without any problem.

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