The Best Applications to Detect Earthquakes, Earthquakes or Tremors in Real Time

In today’s article we will talk about What are the best applications to detect earthquakes or tremors in real time? Many times being prepared for a disaster decreases the losses we have. But this becomes almost impossible when we talk about an earthquake. These natural events are caused by sudden movement, which takes place in the mantle and crust.

The eartquakes they do not give a signal that we can identify with the naked eye, for which they are detected with a seismograph and an accelerated graph. These two machines are not commonly used in a house, but in the same way we need a solution to know when we should expect an earthquake or not. There are several recommendations on what to do in the middle of an earthquake, seeming useless because we don’t have time to think and do what we are taught.

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This is why we will talk about the best applications to detect earthquakes or tremors. These applications can be of great help if you live in an area that has constant seismic activity. Giving you an alert that will make a difference in an event such as an earthquake. In the following, we will mention and explain some of the most important applications.

How can you tell if an earthquake is going to happen?

Today it is totally impossible predict an earthquake. This is because science has not yet found a way to know exactly when, in what place, at what time and of what magnitude an earthquake will be.

However, there are ways to try to predict when an earthquake will occur, this is done with the mass compilation of data. Through these data a prediction can be made, although these are very unreliable. Besides, some only serve as entertainment rather than as a serious alternative to the question.

It should be noted that to predict when a seismic event, we have several applications that serve as a basis. In most of these there is a database full of earthquakes that occurred in the past, their altitudes, magnitudes and exact locations. Thanks to these data it is possible for them to make a prediction, but it is important that such are taken objectively and are not thought to be absolute truths.

The best application to detect earthquakes in real time

Thanks to advances in technology every time we have more tools at our disposal, which help us with various areas of the physical world, one of these being the detection of earthquakes or tremors. These applications set the goal of giving great help in certain areas where the demand for this application is high, there are a variety of applications with the same function.

With how extensive the internet becomes, you could stick around for a while to find an app that’s ideal, but for that we will show you some of the best applications to detect earthquakes or tremors, facilitating the search for an application that better covers the functions we want.


SkyAlert is a data network designed to warn its users when an earthquake is approaching, this application has a range of action of about two minutes. This means that you will know about the earthquake a few seconds before it happens and you can take precautions.

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Its operation is very simple, and it involves several seismic sensors that are distributed throughout the country. What they do is detect the earthquake at its epicenter, which makes it possible to send the alert to all devices that have the application.

Earthquake Detector

The first application that we will talk about is Sismo Detector which is available both on Android devices and for Apple users. This application gives us information provided by national and international seismic networks. The information from these networks may be provided by some users, which improves the detections it captures.

Safe Live Alert

This application has been recently designed, and provides its users with a constant alert service. With it we can know when an earthquake will occur with a delay of at least 120 seconds. This weather can help us protect ourselves, additionally the app has meteorological and volcanic alerts. This makes it a very versatile app.

To download it you just have to enter your name in the Play Store where it is since its departure. It is estimated that the app can be downloaded on phones with an iOS operating system, but it is not yet possible. Its operation is through seismic sensors and is currently widely used in Mexico.

Earthquake Alerts Tracker

Earthquake Alerts Tracker is an app designed to notify us when an earthquake occurs worldwide. You can get it quickly in the Play Store and configure it depending on how often you want to receive an alert. You can also select the countries from which you want to receive the information.

Earthquake Alerts

Another application we have to detect earthquakes in real time is the Red Cross Earthquake which notifies in the event of an earthquake, locating the nearest red cross shelter and communicate with the family of those who have it installed. As its name says, this application is provided by the red cross, helping to reduce risks when experiencing an earthquake.

Finally, we will talk about Seismograph, this application provides the seismic activity throughout the planet, warning by means of an alert if the activity intensifies in the area where we are living. You can find it in the App Store as well.

red cross jacket lord

Since we know some of the best applications to detect an earthquake in real time. TWe have to know how to take advantage of the alerts we receive, because it is useless if we do not know what to do at the time of an earthquake.

As basic as some of the recommendations that we will give below are, it is capable of making a difference at the time of the earthquake. Reducating the risk to which we may be exposed and increasing the chances of survival in less fortunate situations. Knowing this, we will see some tips to follow when being in an earthquake:

  • The first thing we must do is keep calm at all times. In this way we can think about our movements, without doing it instinctively that is more likely to be wrong.
  • Locate and take refuge in firm areas of the structure where we are, such as columns or door frames.
  • If we want to communicate with our relatives during an earthquake, it is best to send text messages, since phone lines would be clogged with calls that would collapse. An alternative that we could use is virtual numbers, which do not collapse as fast
  • Finally, we have to avoid windows, elevators and be near objects that could fall on us as a result of the earthquake.

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