The Best Apps for Distraction-Free Typing on Android and iOS

For many users who like writing not only as a hobby, but also to dedicate themselves professionally. Now they can have their mobile phones to perform this task through applications. In this sense we have prepared this simple article that will show you a list of the best apps to write without distraction on Android and iOS.

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And this title is interesting, since you will be able to write without the distractions that we face every day in this digital age. Being productive means exactly this trying to minimize distractions and occupy all the time we have. And for this we will show you a list of several App that anyone who is busy writing will be very necessary.

Since the appearance of tools that we can download from the different virtual stores, it is very easy to do almost anything from our mobiles.

And teaching you how to use these applications is our mission and if you liked the App to draw without problems from your iPhone or iPad devices. Now imagine using an application that allows you write without distractions on Android and iOS and then we are going to know what they are.

Best Apps for Distraction-Free Typing on Android and iOS

To start with this list, we will first talk about a app which at the moment is only available for devices that work with iOS operating systems. And we are talking precisely about Paperhelper. With this App, you can make your iPad divided in two to have the web page on one side and the text editor on the other.

Something that is really very practical and allows us to forget about opening a tab to view the web page or making annoying adjustments to the windows to have both in view. Now we will comment on another App and this time it is the turn of Evernote. It is really fantastic, apart from the fact that it allows you to search for information it also inspires you.

It is available on all systems, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and in the main web search engines. Once you have it installed, it will allow you to save anything that inspires you, be it a photo, video, audio, website, blog. And even if you have an idea you can also save it and later translate it into your notes.

More App to write without distraction on Android and iOS

It is the turn of an application that is very similar to the one we discussed earlier but it may seem much more attractive. And we are talking about Pocket and this focused his inspiration points to write in other App and in social networks. At first you can only save and then return to this information to write according to the inspiration you have.

It is available in the virtual stores of Google Play and in the Apple App Store, but you can also find it in the most used browsers. Let’s go on to recommend a new application, with which you will delight at the time of writing. And we are talking about the acquaintance Catch Notes, is what we would say the digital notebook.

But it is not as simple as you think, it allows you to use different tools that make it very functional. You can add tags, and it distinguishes between text notes, voice notes, camera notes, and to-do lists. And a great feature is that you can share your notes with other users to work collaboratively, available for iOS and Android.

It is the turn of Pomodroido which for now is only available for Android systems, which offers you a unique and effective technique to write without any distraction. This method consists of writing for spaces of 25 minutes, then you can rest for a space of 5 minutes and go back to work for 25 minutes.

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All this until completing work sessions 25 minutes, with their respective 5-minute breaks, this technique guarantees you can write without pauses and use your stopwatch.

Now to finish, we will talk about Habit Streak, which is an App that teaches you to form the habit of writing, when doing it for a period of 21 days, its results are verified, only available for Android systems. And it will be perfect for you, if you already know how to enter special characters from the keyboard of these devices.

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