The Best Apps to Take RAW Photos for Android Phones and iPhone

The Best Apps to Take RAW Photos for Android Phones

Taking photos from mobile devices has become a necessity as social media has taken more space in people’s lives. Everyone likes share their selfies and strive to make them look their best looking for tricks, original ideas or good angles.

This technological age has also made people want to share what they are doing at all times. Many have developed such a passion for photography that have made this a total hobby or even a job.

It is for this reason that taking professional photography from the cell phone has been within the reach of many people, who have been innovating in order not to be left behind and stand out within the amount, showing their genius by take not so common photos like those made in 360 °.

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Among the most popular formats of photography, is the Raw format. This format has quality in the photo and provides users with a sharp image. But is it possible that from a cell phone you have that format? And if so, are there special Apps for that? Those questions will be answered in this article.

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The Raw format

The raw images are made with all the raw data that the camera contains. The images have been captured by a sensor and contain various characteristics. For example, this format has a type of compression that extracts the data from the photo without losing the image in the least.

The depth of photography in terms of color is also in a complete way. As a characteristic, these photos obtain between 36 to almost 50 megapixels. The megapixels in that amount give a good enough photo, which makes the user want to use this type of format more fully due to its professionalism.

Raw photography apps designed for the iOS operating system

The iOS operating system uses applications that are not supported by the Android operating system. These Apps are designed to provide Apple users with an noticeable improvement in your photos. Especially in the editing of these, since today the editing of the photographs and adding filters to them is a rule for practically all the photos.

For ios first highlight the Darkroom app. This editor is made for iPhones and iPads too. It is of such high quality and contains so much professionalism available that it allows those who use it to adjust the photograph in all planes. Between this, the color curves of the photo and many more details are adjusted. As a final result there is an excellent photo.

Halide is the other most recommended program for iOS. This provides the functions from a minimalist perspective. It is a simple application, but also used by good professionals. It has sophisticated tools despite its simple interface.

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Applications for Raw photography that can be used on iOS and also on Android

In 2018 the popularity of the VSCO app. This App at first only showed the filters that could cover the photos, but as time went by, it grew, not only in download numbers, but also in tools.

VSCO developers were in charge of improving the application so that its users continue to feel comfortable with the App and that it does not become obsolete. For example, you can not only edit photos in Raw format, but also, this App contains a camera that takes photos in that format.

Snapseed is an application belonging to Google, which is used to edit photos in both operating systems. It provides excellent editing services and contains the ability to edit photos in the Raw format.

Snapseed is a super explorable app. Any user who wants it can do cool things with it, it just takes time.

But without a doubt, the application is designed so that anyone can get the best of it. With all its available options you can saturate the photo, as well as change the color curvatures or even write on the design of the photograph. With practice and imagination, anyone can achieve a good result.

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