The Best GoPro-Like Camera Alternatives and Their Features

If you’re adventure fanatic extreme and you always want to have memories of those moments, we invite you to know the best alternatives for 4K cameras similar to GoPro and its characteristics.

There are countless models of 4K cameras on the market and GoPro is the best known brand, however there are other brands that they have very noticeable advantages and similar video quality.

To name some of them in a ranking of the best 5 we have Tomtomtom Bandit, the Yi 4K action, Olympus 4k, Garmin Virb Ultra 30 and the best of this ranking the Sony fdr-x3000.

GoPro’s position in the market is strongly challenged by these top 5 competitors. Sony has better image quality, Garmin has better interactive experience, and information labeling.

The most profitable option is the Yi 4K has obviously threatened GoPro’s market share, therefore when choosing action cameras there are more options. And of course learn to edit multiple photos at once like a pro.

GoPro-like camera alternatives

For those adventurers who always want to keep memories of their adventures, the best option is a 4k camera, although the best known by many is GoPro brand but in addition to this 4k camera there are many more.

The Tomtomtom Bandit It is equipped by ipx7 waterproof comparing it with GoPro, the most prominent highlight is the built-in motion sensor that enables speed.

best camera alternatives similar to gopro

The Yi 4k action the design of this camera is very similar to GoPro it also has a touch screen on the back that is very responsive and smooth. It does not present a waterproof design, but there are waterproof protective packages on the market to be used under water.

The Olympus 4k It has the most extraordinary design seen on the market, it has better stabilization than the GoPro. The very wide 204 ° lens is perfect for capturing a panoramic view. It also has a flash that helps to record videos in a low light environment and has a waterproof design. It also has excellent low temperature performance at 14 ° F.

The Garmin Virb ultra 30 It is a fairly important competitor of Gopro, its design is very similar, as well as Gopro supports 4k at 30fps, it presents a voice control to be manipulated through your voice.

It is not waterproof but there are accessories such as waterproof cases. Garmin Virb beats GoPro on router suit and photo shoot button, both of which are more convenient. What’s more the twist lock mechanism much easier to handle the accessories.

And the Sony fdr-x3000 It is the world’s first action camera to feature Optical Image Stabilization, a far more advanced feature than GoPro’s Electronic Stabilization.

GoPro camera features

As mentioned before the camera 4k GoPro It is the best seller on the market, its sales have overflowed. This camera has become famous in the market and everyone wants to have one. Designed and created with the best and latest technology on the market.

The GoPro has sequences and 12mp / 30fps burst, a maximum video resolution of 4k30 / 1440p80 / 1080p120, it is waterproof at 10ms without housing, it has a button to automatically start video when the camera is off.

gopro-like cameras

It also has connection to wifi and bluetooth, a noise and wind reduction system, voice control, a video stabilizer, touch screen, automatic charging of content to cloud, GPS to capture location, raw-wdr photos.

A linear field of view which eliminates distortion fisheye, raw audio and many other features that no other camera on the market has. It is also so important that your camera takes photos as professional as your Android phone.

This sports camera has a facility to connect it to your pc to stream or broadcast, in this way you will also save on your PC all the images taken on your adventure. In the same way you can take advantage of configure your IP camera to view it from PC or cell phone remotely.

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