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mods for GTA 5

GTA V is the king of video games even though it has been years since its launch. Part of its popularity is due to the fact that in all this time the game has many updates through mods that you can install and download yourself.

What is a mod in Grand Theft Auto V

As the name implies, these are in-game updates. Each modification offers different functions. Some focus on the quality of the graphics, while others guarantee improve gameplay.

The most attractive are those that offer changes that change the entire dynamics of the game as a city ​​full of zombies. All updates are created by the user community.

What is a mod in Grand Theft Auto V

How to install mods in GTA V

To install the mods are usually use two apps, GTAV LUA Plugin and Script Hook V. Don’t worry if you fear damaging the game, you can always reverse what you do through the game cache.

Using Script Hook

  • Is used for apply scripts used by the creators to modify the game. Download the installation package.
  • Extract the files from the .zip folder.
  • Copy and paste the files in the folder where the game is installed. If the path has not been modified it should be the following: C: Program Files Grand Theft Auto V

Using GTA LUA Plugin

  • It is easier to use compared to Script Hook. Download the installation package.
  • Unzip the folder.
  • Copy the file LUA.asi and the Scripts folder.
  • Paste the files in the path C: Program Files Grand Theft Auto V
    To install the mods in GTA LUA Plugin add the files to the addins folder, inside the scripts folder C: Program Files Grand Theft Auto V scripts adinds.

Best Grand Theft Auto V mods

CryingLightning’s FX 2.0

With making a slight change in color palette from the game you get a game with more realistic effects. You can choose between realistic effect or cinematic effect.
Photorealistic San Andreas

For those who enjoy taking good shots and recordings of the game. Change camera angles offering a cinematic atmosphere. It includes several filters and the possibility of graduating the colors of the game.

Total Real Driving Simulator

For those players who enjoy good driving game experience. By adding this mod you will change the way you drive as if it were a simulator.

Vehicles can harm very similar to the real ones. Due to the precision it offers, it is best to use a steering wheel to play.

Complete Driving Overhaul V

Created for gamers who enjoy the in-game driving experience. The difference with the previous one is that this simulates speed and acceleration of a real car.

Simple Zombies

One of the most popular among GTA players. Los Santos becomes a apocalyptic city infected by zombies. Your mission is to survive every day looking for food and resources that allow you to survive.

Add new mods to GTA V

Assemble a team and find the best weapons. Plan a strategy that allows you survive at the end of the world.

Open All Interiors

It is a fairly simple modification, but it can represent an advantage in dangerous situations. You may access all houses of the game, which are usually closed.


Designed to change your GTA V into a multiplayer version. To play, access a server with rules created by the administrators. This mod is the one used to play GTA Roleplay.

Enhanced Night Sky

As its name implies, it is a night sky modification of the game. Change the resolution of the sky and the moon for a more realistic effect.

Zyko’s Realistic Visuals

Another modification that allows the graphics of the game to appear very real. Increase the depth, details and lighting. These types of mods that change the graphics of the game must be activated one at a time.

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