The Best Pages, Websites or Applications to Create Professional Infographics Online

The Best Pages Websites or Applications to Create Professional Infographics

In today’s article we will talk about What are the best pages, websites or applications to create professional infographics online? In order to understand better, it is necessary to have a brief introduction. When we talk about infographics, we mean a visual element, which exposes certain information. Infographics are usually accompanied by texts, images, etc. It could have more elements that make it more didactic.

One of the characteristics of infographics is the simplicity with which they can explain various topics, from the easiest to understand to the most complex, in order to capture it graphically for a better understanding of the target audience. This resource is usually used in a didactic way to teach or to create awareness about a specific topic.

Currently, many schools accept the use of digital material, which is projected onto a screen by an overhead projector. Previously, infographics had to be made using PowerPoint and although it is still valid, it is also true that on the internet we can find a lot of pages that aim, creating visual presentations educational and non-educational type of rapid creation, the problem is which should we choose?

That is why, in this article, we will see some of the best pages to create infographics, all being online, saving you hours of searching for a good page. Next, we will see some of the best options we have.

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What are the best pages, websites or applications to create online infographics?

At the moment the vast majority of infographics are usually created digitallyBecause it is more practical to carry out due to its speed and creation tools, it offers us an unlimited amount of resources to carry out our work, it is very likely that the presentation of this infographic is on a screen, and digital infographics usually have more quality.

Definitely making an infographic digitally is better, since we can do them faster because of how simple it is, being the best to choose so as not to interrupt with our calendar of academic or work activities. A common space to make infographics are web pages, for which we will mention some of the best that exist to make infographics, saving the time that we can invest in a search.


The first website we’ll see today is Canva. This is one simple graphic design page, offering templates for a variety of situations where a design is needed, ranging from flyers to timelines. We can create an infographic in Canva from scratch, but we also have the help of those who already provide us. Canva has a variety of templates to make an infographic, giving a variety of formats and freedom to customize what we want.


This second option is an application, which is available for Android users in the Play Store and for iOS users. This application offers us the possibility of creating designs from a page with nothing, or using one of the templates which has by default. If we don’t have the opportunity to use a computer, we’d better be cautious by downloading Desynger.


Finally, we have the Picmonkey website with which we can make our infographics, giving a choice between different styles. The application offers a simple handling, so we will not spend a lot of time creating an infographic.

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What elements does a good infographic have?

Having seen what an infographic is and on which pages we can make them online, we will have to know the elements that a good infographic has. Otherwise despite doing it online with a good design, there are many factors that increase quality are not reflected in the infographic. This is why we will briefly see some elements that a good infographic has.

  • It has visual content to convey or explain the message of the infographic.
  • The text to be placed must contain necessary information, with the aim of moving quickly through infographics.
  • Use a good design that respects basic hierarchical aspects and uses an appropriate color palette for the infographic.

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